Monday, August 13, 2007



  1. Well that was fun while it lasted. Maybe the guys currently on it (can't remember their names for the life of me, though I'm strangley compelled to refer to them as "red shirts" here) were only supposed to serve as a transition from the previous direction to the new one? Is it too much to hope the good things happening will continue?

  2. I think it was always intended to be transitional. I remember, about a week after Guedes art first surfaced, seeing an announcement that it was only a 3-issue run. And being very disappointed. But I'm guessing Puckett & Johnson will do a good job.

  3. That's good to know, at least. Thanks.

  4. That seems to be par for DC nowadays: announce a "new team" without mentioning they're extended fill-ins. Usually, it's an inoffensive writer with a medium hot artist. They played fair on "Bird of Prey" likely because they knew Bedard and Scott needed to be announced as placeholders, though I'm sticking around for their issues until dropping McKeever.

  5. Egad—talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

    I gave up on the “new” Supergirl ages ago but I feel the pain of those who like the character and are trying to stick with it.

    This entire mess started with the Loeb/Turner botched re-introduction of a superficial and uninspired Kara Zor-El into the DC Universe.

    For me, I gave up after Supergirl #6 by which time marked some 13 issues of the “new” Supergirl if you count her 7 issue introduction in Superman/Batman and 6 issues of her own book—after all those issues; she was barely a one-dimensional character.

    I dropped the book thinking “they s**tcanned Peter David’s Supergirl for THIS?????”

    BTW: Does anyone know if PAD’s Linda Danvers stories still exist in DC continuity anymore? I don’t have the money to travel to one of the big shows and ask the DC Nation panel which stories “count” anymore.

  6. I knew Bedard wasn't permanent, but I'm bummed out that Guedes wasn't either.

    You may know Johnson from Rucka's WONDER WOMAN run. I'm convinced he'll be good, if not "Guedes-good".

    I'm not familiar with Puckett's writing. Then again, I wasn't familiar with Bedard's before issue#20, and look how well that turned out. Plus, Puckett said some promising things in his NEWSARAMA interview.

    Cheer up. Things could have been a lot worse. They could have put Judd Winick and Rob Liefeld on the book.

  7. fbw, I've read that Dan Didio has mandated that the Linda Danvers/Matrix Supergirl is out of continuity. Of course, this is DC Comics. Everything is out of continuity, except when it isn't. Just remember that Peter David's take is probably somewhere on Earth-8 with an unmolested Kyle Rayner, Breach, and so on...