Friday, August 24, 2007

Old Mego Superheroes Ad

Ok, several points of interest:

1) Showing each action figure in a "natural environment" -- Aquaman on the beach, Spiderman on a wall, Superman in a field "holding" a boulder, etc.

2) The interminable circus march music

3) The Falcon called "that new BLACK superhero"

4) Both Mr. Fantastic & the Invisible Girl can apparently turn invisible

Aside: when I was a little girl, I really wanted a Barbie doll but I received a Mego Conan instead. So I used to style his hair. I'd comb his hair and make little rollers for it and use hairspray. But he was still one ugly muther.


  1. It's SO awesome hearing some middle-aged dude describing these happening new super-heroes. It's a real time capsule to the days when Spider-Man was "weird" instead of "omnipopular," giving insight into brainpans of the era. I think he's calling Falcon a "great BLACK super-hero," and you really do need all caps and some bold itallics to really sell his enthusiasm for the advancement of colored people. Them "super-gals," plus the consistently erroneneous character names and powers are swell!

  2. ...It must've been very easy to be entertained back in the 70s.

    Oh and I love how most of the superheroes get something attached to them like "weird wall crawler" or "that great black superhero," but all the women just get a name.

  3. Yes, it was a lot easier to be entertained in the 1970's.

    I found it interesting that Catwoman didn't get relegated to the Supervillain *group*, but was, rather, instead, part of the super gals set.

  4. And Green Arrow is the superhero "from the forest!" OK, that's not as bad as Falcon and Mr. Fantastic, but still pretty dumb.

  5. You got a Conan instead of a Barbie? What were your family like?

  6. I just like how Captain Marvel's super power is apparently to summon the command of all the great pasta noodles of the world.

  7. Conan had a 'sword of justice'? Is that what the serving girls called it?