Thursday, August 30, 2007

Comic Foundry
Launch Party Last Night

A party celebrating the launch of the comics cuture magazine Comic Foundry was held at the Irish Rogue in NYC last night, and your intrepid reporter/reveller Occasional Superheroine was there.

The vibrating condoms placed in our gift bags drove the point home: Comic Foundry is the magazine for comic book fans who get laid.

The Beat's
Heidi MacDonald was there, as was the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's Charles Brownstein and ACT-I-VATE's Dan Goldman ("Shooting War," "Kelly") and Nikki Cook ("Dripping Wet").

I also had a chat with Occasional Superheroine blog regular Red Stapler.

Comic Foundry Editor-in-Chief Tim Leong was of course the vortex of attention at the event, and expressed excitement that Diamond apparently did a reorder on the debut issue of his magazine.

Comic Foundry, originally online, is basically "Details" meets "Wizard Magazine" and is quite cool. It's available NOW at your local comic book store or purchase it online.

As an aside, The Irish Rogue is apparently no stranger to comic book type peoples, as it is rumored that Frank Miller hangs out there and a copy of a Garth Ennis's "Punisher" hardcover sits behind the bar in a glass case.


  1. Actually VIBRATING condoms says "This is the magazine for Fanboys with no technique or skillz." Sheesh. As with everything else in comics, this is either a genius move or an editorial charity project/money sink hole. Probably the latter.

  2. The vibrating condoms placed in our gift bags drove the point home: Comic Foundry is the magazine for comic book fans who get laid.

    This is the silliest thing I have heard. The bundled Boys books also seems hilarious. I love all this grandstanding to be considered Hip and or cool but this kind of move seems to be vintage Maxim. I was kind of sad with the preview copy I got at Mocca and the horrible photoshop job on the cover. This confirms my likelyhood not to pick up this book. It's a shame I been hoping to find something between TCJ and Wizard.

    Oh well.

  3. I saw someone else's vibrating condom that said "Thank you for coming!"

    A bit more palatable.

    Pedro, I recommend you read the full first issue. I found it everything I hoped it to be, and satisfactorily as you said, "something between TCJ and Wizard."

  4. I think the "thank you for coming" post-it was meant to be attached to the copy of THE BOYS!!! (the comic so in-your-face you are not allowed to type it with lowercase), not the actual condom. I hope we are not meant to use the two together.

    And I don't know, the goals of Comics Foundry seem admirable, but the conscious modeling after the "lad mags", with the first 2/3 of the magazine being nothing but little charts and infographics and "four questions with..." disappointed me, the thing I was hoping for was less "Maxim for Slightly Nerdier Folks" and more "thoughtful somewhat lengthy essays/interviews, but not so aggressively 'artcomix' exclusionary as TCJ so often is". But having seen the first issue that doesn't seem to be what they're going for, and I can't really fault the CF crew for having a different plan.

  5. I rather liked the first issue, despite initially balking at the price tag - it seemed a bit much for a black and white mag, but the content largely proved worth it. Anybody that starts their print run off with an O'Malley interview and tips on making love to Kieron Gillen wins my vote. If anything, I could have done without the "Buffy is the bestest girl person ever OMG and all these characters she was based on just can't compare" wankfest at the end, but otherwise, yay.

  6. There were no bundled Boys books. Each gift bag had a random comic (in a few bags, two comics). If you got The Boys--luck of the draw. It could have just as easily been She-Hulk.

    And yes, the "Thank you for coming" Post-it was indeed attached to the condoms.

  7. Sorry for the misinformation! I got a copy of THE BOYS!!! with a "thanks for coming" post-it attached to it, and saw someone else paging through a copy of the same title and just presumed, making a pres of you and me. Or at least me.