Friday, August 24, 2007

Ryan Reynolds: Really Just A Big Nerd
Under All That Hunkiness

from the MTV movies blog:

"Given that Ryan Reynolds recently suggested that a potential Flash movie might have only died a comic-book death, you’d think asking him what graphic character he’d be most excited to play would be met with a fairly predictable answer. Think again. Faster than the Flash could ever be, Reynolds says the super he’s most dying to play is Wade Wilson.

“I’ve always wanted to do ‘Deadpool,’ ” he enthused, his voice taking on the air of unbridled geek excitement. “I think I would forgo anything to play it in some incarnation.”

Ryan Reynolds: Kinda hot but really an ordinary fan like you or me

“He’s a derivative of the Weapons X program,” Reynolds explained of the character’s origins (it’s the same program, incidentally, that plays so prominently in the backstory of Wolverine). “They turned him into a puddle and shipped him off. Just left him for dead. But he came back with all these mutant powers. And he’s pissed off — in a full-fledged, I’m gonna get you way.”

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah he hooked up with Jessica Biel; but he knows arcane facts about comic book characters co-created by Rob Liefeld.

“It’s a very tricky character to do,” Reynolds sighed. “It’s hard R. It’s ambiguous whether he’s good or bad. He’s a mercenary. This is all to say nothing of the fact that his face is made entirely of scar tissue."

Ryan Reynolds: The geek knowledge doesn't lessen his appeal. It only makes him more hotter.

“Hopefully, there’ll be [somebody] who has the balls to go there and make a really authentic, decent ‘Deadpool’ movie.”

Ryan Reynolds: Nerd. But at least he's not a Green Lantern fan.


  1. I bet he had a copy of The Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book as a kid! Those abs just scream "Jade-Jaws' Just-So Sit-Ups"!

  2. "At least he's not a Green Lantern fan."