Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Supergirl's Renato Guedes Donates Art To Girl-Wonder.Org's Art Auction

Renato Guedes donated a fly piece of Supergirl art to Girl-Wonder.Org's art auction to help support their organization.

The piece reads, "because capes aren't just for boys."

Renato contacted the site with the art piece and said he was a fan of the site and thankful for all the support he has gotten from the female fan community.

The auction is in October.


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    That dosen't change the fact that Supergirl #20's story sucked, and I supect Bedard's run is going to be...bad.

    Guedes art is only better than before, but that's not saying much.

    Sorry if I'm a broken record about this.

  2. thats incredibly awesome. i was thinking a similar thing with my art..but no one really knows who the hell i am. at least not yet. i'm not exactly high profile. so i scrapped the plan for now...

    shit i'd buy that art up if i wasn't crushed in poorness.

  3. Personally I liked the story on Supergirl #20, but that's just me. I'd love to have Bedard be the ongoing writer based on this. ^^

  4. "because capes aren't just for boys."
    Firsd of all I enjoyed the art and story of supergirl #20, but why do female comic fans seem to insist that real comics are superheroes? Manga is a synonym, it means comics. Naruto is a action adventure whith super powers and I have enjoyed it more than the superhero tales I no longer buy.
    Manga is not superior, it has shit too, but why continue spending money on books you complain are sexist.
    Comic books are not a relationship, when they make you feel bad they don't 'really' love you.

  5. That's super awesome! :D

    I'm pleased :)