Thursday, August 16, 2007

Naked "Nevermind" Baby Now 17
and Working in L.A. Juice Bar

The 17-year-old Los Angeles teenager was the centrepiece of one of the most iconic record sleeves of all time in 1991, when a photo of him swimming underwater graced the cover of Nirvana's hit album Nevermind.

In other news, I am 33 and my knees sort of hurt.


  1. Thanks for this. I too am 33, and my back hurts.

  2. I am 24 and everything fucking hurts: knees, back, chest, wrists, etc.

  3. Now tell us what happened to the Bee Girl.

  4. Tee hee, everybody saw his winkie.

    Seriously though, that's got to be pretty weird. Especially with any potential girl/boyfriends.

    "Hi, you probably saw my bits on the most famous album of the 90s!"

    P.S. I'm 32, and my shoulders ache.

  5. you know 'they' (the suits, the board, the men in bege, whatever) tried to edit out the winkie. Thankfully they lost the fight.

    Also 33, my back is screwed, my legs are a wreck, and the results from the xray on my right knee com in about a week

  6. I'm 47. You kids got bupkiss.