Thursday, August 30, 2007

Women Can Be Funny: Marie Severin

A few of us ladies at the Comic Foundry party yesterday were discussing the old "women can't be funny" idea that gets floated around every once in a while, and it brought to mind Marie Severin. She is the only female I can think of that is in that list of "classic" Mad Magazine-style spoof artists.

I don't really think Marie Severin gets her due for being a really awesome parody artist. I worked with her a few years back when she did a Batman spoof for "Batman Black and White" and was immediately impressed by her sense of wackiness & comic timing. She absolutely "got it" in that story, got that Mad Magazine humor; and though she dutifully followed the writer's script, she put so much of her own comedic style into the piece.

Here are scans from a Severin story in "Crazy" Magazine (remember them?) called "Kaspar The Dead Baby" (found via Journalista)


  1. thank you so much for posting this. my buddies and i thought Kaspar the Dead Baby was the greatest thing we ever read back in grammar school. this brings back some good times.

    and thanks for the heads up on Marie Severin's comedic stylings. i always admired her artwork but never knew about her satire.

  2. Women can't be funny?

    Two Words: Gail Simone.

  3. This is so old, no one will read it, but the Kaspar the Dead Baby story was in the first Crazy I ever bought. Awesomely funny.

    I have read a number of funny women in print. Can't really think of many funny female stand-ups though.