Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Captain America: The Chosen" Preview Pages

"Rambo" creator John Morrell and "Drax the Destroyer" artist Mitch Breitweiser team up for this offering from the Marvel Knights line, out September 5th.

Does Cap make his official "return" in this book? Well, with news of the Alex Ross project, probably not. But with Morrell on-board and a Marvel Knights logo slapped on it, I think it's fair to say we're going to see some WW II butt-kicking action. And this will probably lead nicely into Ross's "The Return," which features the "classic" Cap as well.

Besides, I just like those pronounced scales on his costume. They kinda flop around and stuff but I like 'em.

EDIT: It's about Iraq, people! The book's about Iraq. Which is kinda sorta like WWII, except not-really and nope-not-at-all.
(click pages for full-size)

EDIT: No, it's about Afghanistan. This is going well.


  1. Actually, the book is supposed to be from the POV of a soldier in Iraq who may or may not have been saved by Captain America.

  2. Why does your press release have more info than mines?


    And it's Afghanistan, not Iraq. Whoops.