Monday, August 20, 2007

Liefeld/Morales Beatdown
On The Newsarama Boards...

"Rob needs to know I'm not to be toyed with."

--Rags M.

"Color me shaking in my boots."
--Rob L.

"I'm sure you'd lop off your right hand at the wrist to be me. If you knew what a wrist looks like."
--Rags M.

(via LITG -- where else?)

other than that, today,

Well, I do have this three-page post on everything Dan Didio has done wrong with the DCU, an agonizingly detailed list of a whole bunch of incendiary things both known and hitherto-unknown, but I've been staring at it all day and I think that no good can come of it.

So yes, that's all I gots.


  1. I'm afraid Morales dropped the ball something fierce in his comeback. When insulting Liefeld, always, always, *always* make a joke about feet. Especially if all your other comments are of theyawn-worthy "I can beat you up through the INTERNET" faux-intimidating sort.

  2. If we beg, will you post the Didio piece?

  3. I'll be your friend if you post the Didio piece!

    ...Ah, who am I kidding, I'll be your friend anyway. ^^;

  4. Surprisingly, I'm going to agree about not posting the Didio bash. Assuming by "DCU" the actual comic book stories are being referenced, we've all been living with it anyway. "TOO SOON!" I say. Barring that, well, it would be quite easy for a "new member" to just post it somewhere on your very own message boad...