Friday, August 17, 2007

Winter Soldier Vs. The Punisher:
Who Wins,
And Who Takes Home Their Teeth
In An Envelope?

In Punisher War Journal #11 by Matt Fraction & guest-artist Leandro Fernandez, out September 12th:

You'll forgive me if I automatically assume Frank would win. Winter Soldier will always be Bucky to me, always somewhere between an Osmond brother and Rick Springfield.


  1. I like that Frank's mental snap regarding what's happened to Cap and his reaction to Hate Monger at the border are going to have reprecussions.

    I also like that said reprecussions are showing up in the form of Marvel's *other* bug-fuck crazy killer guy. Nobody does therapy like Marvel, yo.

  2. Are you trying to say that Rick Springfield WOULDN'T win hands down against Frank Castle?

    For shame.