Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Katie Holmes As Wonder Woman?

Yeah, it's gossip, but...(via Starpulse)

Katie Holmes did something really strange on Aug. 6 - she left Suri with Tom in Berlin and flew to L.A. alone! Why the sudden solo departure?

Katie headed home to have a secret meeting with her agents and producers about starring in the big-screen version of the popular ‘70s television series Wonder Woman.

“Katie apparently didn’t want Tom to be a part of the discussions,” the source tells Star magazine.

What? Not want her super-rational hubby in for the negotiations?

Hey, I know it's hip to rag on Katie, but I really think she's got that Lynda Carter face going on there. With her "comic book cred" from "Batman Begins," she might be a shoe-in for the role.

Even if in real life she apparently has to stand in a hole so she doesn't look taller than her husband:


  1. Well, she was in Batman Begins. But she really didn't add much. Blech.

    My vote is still for Charisma Carpenter.

  2. No kidding. She was the worst part of Batman Begins.

  3. I think she was a great in Batman Begins, but I still want someone with, if not a more muscular frame, a larger build. Kind of a Mamie Van Doren with smaller breasts.

  4. Ain't going to happen.

  5. "Ain't going to happen."

    that's what they said about roller-skate sneakers: and look what happened there

  6. Is it just me, or is the whole "guy with a vice grip on his woman's neck"-hug thing just a little creepy?

    And given the fact that Hollywood thought Gretchen Moll would make a great Bettie Page - cause they're so physicaly similar, you know - Katie as WW would not surprise me.

  7. Except that roller-skate sneakers are the best thing ever, where as this would be an incredible tribute to mediocrity. She's a non-entity in even the smallest of supporting roles; I can't imagine her carrying a film unless it was to return it to Blockbuster.

  8. After the whole Keanu annoucement I got nothin.

  9. How about somebody who can act? Katie's very cute, but everything she does looks like a scene from Dawson's Creek, she just does the "Oh, Dawson" look. EVERY TIME. Even in Thank You for Smoking, where she was supposed to be an evil reporter. Stop chiding Aaron Eckhardt with your "Oh Dawson" look, and be evil, sweetheart.

    I thought she brought the movie to a halt every time she appeared on screen in Batman Begins, standing out from a crowd of very solid actors. Here's to Maggie Gyllenhaal replacing her, thereby making that move addition by subtraction... and addition!

    Plus, she flat-chested and got no curves, yo. Feh! If she played Wonder Woman, she'd need a serious wonder bra to rate any comparisons to Lynda Carter. :P

  10. Batman "cred?" They recast her, for goodness sake! With another recently post-partum actress! This is not fan-love.

    As a fan of Wonder Woman for years I've...
    a) heard far, far worse
    b) realize they won't ever get over Lynda Carter
    c) recognize this thing will remain in development hell until 2037. At least.

    Anyone who saw "The Gift" knows that Katie's only got two, and neither involve acting prowess. Gregg, she's at least a solid b-cup if not a c, and that was before the kid. On the plus side, you could cast Tom Cruise sans lifts and get a convincing Steve Trevor out of the deal. Really though, Katie's more a Donna Troy.

  11. "the big-screen version of the popular ‘70s television series Wonder Woman."


  12. ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZ