Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hulk Gets Snot Beat Out Of Him
In "World War Hulk" #4

Okay, maybe it's Hulk-blood, but it looks kinda like snot.

I think the rumor is that somebody dies or something in this issue (or by the end of the series)?

Seems some people on the Newsarama board are pushing for Sentry to bite the big one.

I know the last cover of the mini-series features Hulk fighting Sentry. And Sentry is pretty despondent about the recent death of his wife. Would he sacrifice himself to stop the Hulk -- either by beating him to a pulp or convincing him that his quest for revenge is wrong?

That would be good comics!<---never really "got" the Sentry, but doesn't hate him or anything.

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  1. Personally, I think it'd be neat if the Sentry provided some cool tipping-point for the story, but who knows, there's a lot of characters in WWH.

    In defense of the Sentry (since so few other people make this case)... the character's strength isn't his skill set (which was purposely created to be Superman-ish), but the person those powers are attached to. Specifically, a mentally ill person.

    Possibly a case of multiple personality disporder, or possibly "A schizophrenic with generalized anxiety disorder and agoraphobia", who becomes addicted to power, but still tries to do the right thing.

    There's a lot of mentally ill villains out there. Not so many heroes.