Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who Says There Are No Opportunities
For Female Writers In Comics?

"Virgin Comics and announced today that noted comic book author Christina Z is writing Shadow Hunter, the new Virgin Comics series created by world-famous adult entertainment icon Jenna Jameson. Christina Z is the first woman to be named a “Top 10 Writer” by Wizard Magazine, and best known for her work on the superheroine series Witchblade."

“Forget what you think a superhero should be,” said Z. “This enticing and wicked hero hurts, and sometimes likes to hurt. She is strong but sometimes she allows herself to give in. Clawing, eviscerating, wielding sacred weapons, of the flesh and of the mind, this character is about the creature we sometimes dream of having or being, but are too rational to go there. Come with me, let’s go there together.”


  1. "sacred weapons of the flesh and mind?"

    *closes eyes and chants*

    No tentacle porn, no tentacle porn, no tentacle porn, not tentacle porn...

    I fear no good can come of this.

  2. Thanks for the pepto, but I think I need another bottle.

  3. Like another blogger said today, it's all well and good to have women flaunting sexuality and whatnot all over the place, but please can we not pretend this is in any way, shape or form FEMINISM?

  4. Elayne,

    You aren't trying to suggest that FEMINISM isn't sexy, are you? There is sexy ... and then there is sexist, and I think many people disagree on where to draw the line.

  5. With all due respect, Ms. Jameson has taken so many shots in the face that Garth Ennis should write her.

  6. One of my former best (girl) fans is a huge Jenna Jameson fan. I never understood it, myself, in any respect. I read her book, by the way, and even with a co-writer it was subliterate and explored an unexceptional life. Anyway, the main reason I'm commenting is I have a hazy recollection of Christina Z. doing a respectable job on a Master Darque mini-series with Leonardo Manco for Acclaim. Mind playing tricks on me?

  7. that pitch sounds like it's for a gothic porno film.

  8. I wonder if there's any comic concept that can't be spun to sound feminist? :o