Friday, August 31, 2007

Breaking News: TV Guide To End Print Edition?

The following intriguing tidbit just came in from Media Bistro via Fark:

A tipster tells us staffers at TV Guide have been told that there will be a mandatory 3pmET meeting today, where it will be announced that the print edition will be discontinued with the final issue being the Fall Preview.

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  1. I blame video games, honestly. Kids don't watch TV anymore. Video games killed comics - and it's killing television. I see all the kids saving their money for BioShock, why the hell would they want to watch Dr. Who, Prison Break, Lost, Arrested Development, Smallville, or Veronica Mars, huh? Why would they want spoilers and celebrity gossip? Video games killed comics - and now it is slowly killing print? Disney Magazine! Nickelodeon Magazine! Premiere! Inquest! Are you happy now Nintendo? You've won!