Friday, August 24, 2007

Fangirl Fridays

This picture was taken when I played "Pirate #6" in my kindergarten production of "Peter Pan." I had been lobbying to play "Smee," but I made the most out of the role and went on to star as "tree branch" in our first-grade play based on Shel Silverstein poems.

I'm came a long way since then, but I've never forgot where I came from...

I'm giving "Thor" another chance (again)
Based on a conversation with a comic book retailer who insisted it gets better after issue #1. Gave me a free copy of the second printing as to stress this point. Then of course there is this:

See, I love that last panel where Thor just uses his meaty Asgardian hand and holds Iron by the scruff of his neck like he's a kitty...

Just read Comic Foundry #1...
And I paid for it no less, didn't even go for the free review copy. (cuz I'm lazy and didn't get my s**t together on that, but...)

This awesome magazine is basically the lovechild of "Wizard" and "GQ." For the discerning fanboy who not only has that Captain America Omnibus Hardcover on pre-order, but knows how to make a kick-ass martini and charm the ladies.

Of course, the real genius comics magazine would be the one that combined "Wizard" and "Maxim." I think sometimes "Wizard" goes for that, but until they have enough money to drop to convince Kristen Bell to pose in a bikini it's just not going to happen.

Superhero Dead Pool
No, not the superhero Deadpool

The dead pool where you ghoulishly bet on what character dies next.

Today's dead pool is: Who dies in "Countdown" -- Trickster or Pied Piper?

This is a toughie. Trickster is an iconic "Flash" character. But Pied Piper is one of the very few active gay male superpowered characters in the DCU.

A friend has suggested that Trickster may die and then Pied Piper would just assume his identity. But I said that's too convoluted a plot development for a book like "Countdown."

Dead Lesbian #457
So Knockout, a lesbian character, was just killed in "Birds of Prey." Wasn't the "lesbian lovers share tender moment naked in bed right before one gets fatally shot in chest" already done in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" But I think Whedon stole that from Akira Kurosawa so I guess it's okay.

You're A Mean One, Mr...

These new MacFarlane "Grinch" sets are cool and I will have to buy them. But I don't think they have enough naked blindfolded women tethered to midgets to really suit my taste.

Are you there God it's me Peter
In the latest Spectacular Spider-Man, Peter Parker has a talk with God, who looks like Iggy Pop with his front teeth punched out -- which explains a lot.

I really want to see Superbad...
...super bad. Ha ha. I made a funny.


T.T.F.N., True Believer!


  1. "But Pied Piper is one of the very few active gay male superpowered characters in the DCU."

    God help him if Winnick gets to write an issue of Countdown, then.

  2. Short version: Not as good as "Knocked-Up," or better, depending on your sense of humor. "Superbad" has more jokes per minute and geek love with less pretense to any deeper meaning. Also, Seth Rogen as the cop makes me all the more confident he can pull off Green Hornet, or at least get me in the theater to begin with.

    I swear, Quesada and company must still be patting themselves on the back for their daring reimagining of Speedball. It's just so impossibly stupid and ridiculous, you can't help but appreciate it as unintentional(?) satire.

  3. Grinch stuff looks so totally cute, it's a wonder that this is the same company that produced Bondage Torture Slave Dorothy.

  4. McFarlane produces some pretty sweet figures when he's not indulging his bondage fetish. The quality/price of his figures takes all those Marvel and DC Direct figures out behind the woodshed...

  5. The newest editor for Wizard came from FHM you know. So, maybe it's the child of Wizard and FHM.

  6. Hey, let's be fair. McFarlane doesn't just have a bondage fetish.

    After all, he produced the stripper Mrs. Clause, as well.

  7. Gah, I so wanted to play Smee in my elementary school's production of Peter Pan, but I got cast as a freakin' mermaid with no speaking lines.