Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gary Frank's Supergirl -- Take Two

Wizard Universe has a nice set of Gary Frank sketches foreshadowing what we can expect from his new run on "Action Comics."

Frank is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite artists. And he draws women *good* (a little thin, but good).

When asked about the difficuties of making a female teenage character attractive but not over-sexualized, Frank said:

“The main thing is to keep her hips narrow and not go too crazy with the chest,” reveals Frank. “The legs needed to be kind of gangly, too, like those of a foal. "

For some reason I'm getting an image of Bambi running through my head, but ok.

Frank's Lois Lane, however, is the real gem of the lot:

Obvious Margot Kidder influence.

“I didn’t want her to be this tall, voluptuous beauty that takes men’s breath away when she enters a room. Geoff said that it was fine if no one noticed her when she entered the room, but after she had said her piece, all eyes would be on her when she left. For her build, I just wanted her to have strong, defined legs that looked made specifically for stomping in and out of editors’ offices.”

Gary Frank starts "Action Comics" with issue #858 in October.


  1. *quivers in anticipation*

    oh baby, i LOVE Gary Franks art - from motormouth onwards. His run on the Hulk coincided with Peter David's best (IMHO) run on the title, and i always felt Peter would have found his feet again had Gary rejoined the ranks

    AND - he's drawing Supergirl JUST like i suggested she should be drawn! Tall & willowy - slightly gangly, like she hasn't fully filled out yet. Brilliant stuff.

    But oh boy, that Lois Lane picture is a beaut!

  2. Well, he nailed "gangly." Supergirl looks like she's about to collapse on those legs. Good stuff, though. I especially like his take on Lois. It portrays her as an attractive woman who still says brains come first.

  3. While I like his take on Lois, his Supergirl is looking pretty frail. The skirt's still quite short and I'm afraid she's got vibes of "supertorso" again. Sure, her spine's not all funky like a Michael Turner drawing, but she seems like she's stretched.

  4. Gark Frank is a fantastic artist, right back to when I read him in Gen13 and then more recently on Midnight Nation. He did some of his best work in my opinion on that book. I like his description and drawing of Lois but Supergirl.....hmmm. It's less manga-fied (I made up a new word!) than Turner's style - huge eyes, small nose, pointed chin, giant bazooka breasts, stick insect body, but it still seems a to me. I think if I see her in action instead of a pose I'll be better able to judge.

  5. Finally, there is an artist whose pictures of women are realestic and not some perv's fantacy. My faith in the human race has been restored .