Monday, August 06, 2007

"Supergirl" Reminder

To all of you who have enjoyed "Supergirl" #20 with the "new look,"

Make sure to e-mail or write to editor Matt Idelson and/or Dan Didio and let them know that you like the book and the new direction it is going in. Post about it, too. Feedback is just as important when things are going right as when they are going wrong.

Of course, we won't really get the whole gist of this "new Supergirl" until a few issues in. But I think the book is off to a great start, and having a DC superhero book that younger females can read & enjoy is not the worst thing in the world.

And besides, there are idiots on the DC boards and elsewhere already complaining that the new Supergirl is "too fat" and not sexy enough. God almighty -- you know, I'm really sorry Kara's not around to be a blow-up doll f**k-fantasy anymore. That's terrible, really. But there are websites that can cater to that; and some even have free preview jpegs!

"Too fat?"



(throws keyboard into wall)

(okay, really doesn't do that -- but pissed)


  1. Thanks for posting this; I feel your pain. I can't believe the misguided and obnoxious way of thinking of some little boys. Keep ranting about this stuff... it's so worth it.

  2. Yeah, if only the art in Supergirl #20 was y'know...GOOD.

    I don't think this book has ever had good art, whether or not Kara is drawn as a Nymphet of a frumpy/awkward 14 year old is kind of beside the point, they should get someone on the book who can draw.

  3. This Supergirl art looks great. Glad to hear that pressure from outside finally got DC to react. That Powergirl "ass-as-boobs" cover almost knocked me down when I passed it at JHU. What were they thinking? Nothing, same as always, I guess.

    I like your blog here, V. I'm going to have to read more. One question (I'm only an occasional blog reader): how do I contact you? Is there a way to send a private message or something? If not, leave a comment on my never-frequented, barely-used blog.

  4. so how do I email either of those two?

  5. done and done. just posted to the dc forums. i have a 6 year old daughter who loves supergirl. i was happy to buy #20 for her.

    tho ... i do think all the photoreferencing makes the art a little stiff. but i think the same thing about ex machina.

  6. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I'm sorry to put some water on this optimism, but Supergirl still sucks!

    The story is a tie-in to Amazons Attack, and still portrays a Supergirl who is about as un-heoric as possible.

    The artwork is only better at portraying a less sexualized Supergirl.

    Darn it, where's Linda Danvers when you need her?

  7. That's a great idea and I would like to send them a letter expressing my thanks. Could you list the correct mailing addresses or link to them? I searched all over and couldn't find it anywhere (not even under "contact us"!) It's like they don't want us to contact them!