Thursday, August 09, 2007

Safe To Say, I'm Awake
And Ready To Start My Day

Found here (with more pics) via The Beat. Pics NSFW.

Ok, time to run to work. Oh wait, I forgot something:

(Sorry, this is the old slash fan-fic aficionado side of me reawakened like a sleeping giant. A geeky sleeping giant.)


  1. Super-heroes are big amongst the Gays. I live near the Castro in SF, and the t-shirt shops are full of kitsch super-hero memorabilia.

    I'm pretty sure the fine gentlemen in the first picture in this set are card-carrying members:

  2. i really have no problem with gay people. though saying that screams i might. i really don't. i'm cool with everything. my one problem is when things i grew up with are subverted into other things. for example there was a porn many years ago based off the flintstones. then it was yaoi manga of megaman having gay adventures. its not the gay act or porno aspect (straight or in this case otherwise) its the act of taking beloved characters. things people loved since birth. like old friends kinda. now in full spread blowing each other. i mean hell if people are going to do that spend ten minutes making up your own shit.

    spider-man blowjobs make baby jesus weep.