Thursday, August 30, 2007

Supergirl Speaks

Laura Vandervoort speaks to Wizard about her upcoming role as Kara in "Smallville":

"This version of Kara is based on the new relaunched character—the new Supergirl, who appeared in Superman/Batman and in her new series."

Translation: The producers were given a stack of the "bad girl" Supergirl comics a year or so ago as "research" into what DC was currently doing with her.

"She’s much more edgy and has a lot more attitude and is a lot more rebellious than previous versions."

Translation: Teh hotness.

"She’s technically older than Clark; she was older than him on Krypton and then because of some sort of hyperspace accident arrives on Earth younger."

Translation: It's not really barely legal but it sort of is as well.

When asked about the skimpiness of her outfit, she said:

"Yeah, well, Kara really gets into music and videos and takes her cues from music artists and what she sees on TV, so those are the cues that inform her outfits."

Translation: Britney chic.


  1. I can never tell whether I should be happy or sad about this Smallville Supergirl.

  2. What I was supposed to think when I saw that picture:

    "Wow, Supergirl is HOT!"

    What I actually thought:

    "Oh, jeez, didn't they learn anything from a solid year of complaints?"

    It's just embarrassing that after the Supergirl relaunch has been nothing but poor sales, complaints, and disastrous PR due to its shameless sexism, they then promptly decide that this is the best version to use on the TV series.

  3. Ugh. I was tired of Smallville as it was.

    I don't mind Supergirl in the slightest, but the fact that she's primarily based on the newest version on top of the fact that the character is poised to take more spotlight from the main characters than I'm comfortable with (two of the first five episodes of the season revolve around Kara and the episode featuring Helen Slater advertises her as "Supergirl's aunt" as opposed to "Superman's mom"), I'm becoming less interested in the show than I was at the end of Season Six, which is really saying something.


  4. How much is it killing the producers that since she's invulnerable, she can't get that li'l belly button pierced?

  5. I bailed on Smallville a couple of episodes in to last season. Supergirl news only makes me happy that I did.

  6. Well, so much for my hope that TV's Supergirl would be cool.

    I still liked the actress in Instant Star, though.

  7. Just be thankful that the Smallville producers didn't get their grubby little hands on Power Girl.

  8. Making her anything but a copy of the Jeph (producer of Smallville) Loeb version from the comics would have been admitting they made a boo-boo with the comics version in the first place, and that's obviously not going to happen given that DC is a full part of the AOL/Time Warner family nowadays - the co-producers are going to cover Jeph's (and DC's) ass by digging their heels in and insisting the character is amazing and everything that's great about comics and television.
    The way the character is described, she sounds not a million miles away from itchy and Scratchy's good buddy Poochy D.
    Whatever happened to him?