Monday, August 27, 2007

"World War Hulk"
Sequel "Warbound" Announced

Greg Pak announced at Fan Expo Canada this weekend that he's working on a sequel to "World War Hulk," Comic Book Resources reports.

Details on the mini-series, called "Warbound," are sketchy, but the surviving members of Hulk's Sakaarian gladitorial team will be involved.

Leonard Kirk will be on board as artist. He filled in on "Incredible Hulk" #111.


  1. I love the Warbound, and WWH has only solidified that love. The bit in issue...3? where they drop from the sky to land between the Hulk and the Marvel heroes damn near made me cheer. Truly, this is a victory for awesome things everywhere.

  2. Just a side note, Leonard Kirk filled-in on Incredible Hulk #108. He might be doing the art on #11, as well (I don't have the solicits nearby me). But he did the art on issue #108 already. And since you seemed to state it as in the past tense, I figured you'd appreciate having the correct issue information.