Friday, August 24, 2007

"Disney Adventures" Joins
"Weekly World News" In
Big Newsstand In The Sky

Found via The Beat:

After 17 years "Disney Adventures" has been cancelled by Disney due to low ad sales.

Geez, the magazine itself had a circ of 1 million -- but it was cut down because of low ad revenue.

Compare this to the circs of your best-selling comics -- maybe 100,000-300,000 tops.

Nickeleodeon's "Nick Jr." was cancelled earlier this year. Is it that the kid's magazines don't sell anymore? Are comic books more profitable? Is "Archie Double Digest" more profitable on the newsstands? Or cheaper to produce?

If a child had to choose between a comic, a magazine, and a trade-paperback, which would he or she pick?

Or would the kid ignore all three and scamper to the nearest video-game console?


  1. That's disgusting. There's another tiny little blow against literacy in America. One of the few comics-related items I could still find on the newsstand. I wonder if that was part of the problem, as it was one of the only digests left at the checkout aisle, where even TV Guide had to alter it's format in a doomed bid for attention.

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I think kids really are going to the video games. I've seen them at clothing stores! Granted, their budget games, but that's the point. Video games, I think, just have slightly longer entertainment value.

  3. Actually, I'm optimistic: I think kids are reading more books now, because of Harry Potter. And not just Harry Potter either. Oh sure, plenty of kids play video games, which no doubt contributes to falling magazine sales, but I think nowadays if kids want something to read, they'd rather read a book. Kids these days read tomes, man (HP 4-7, Eragon, etc)-- they probably look at magazines and don't think something so short could really be that interesting.