Saturday, August 18, 2007

Which Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

You're sweet, but not naive -- though you like to be babied like a child at times. You prefer to have a bad boy by your side, but sometimes have problems understanding why he has to run off to take care of business. You want to settle down, yet deep down inside, you are excited by the surprises life throws your way.

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  1. Why do I feel a sudden compulsion to watch "Henry & June" again?

    Moving on, my first try was "The Wolf," typically trying to be as honest as possible. I could tell I was gravitating toward "Lance" though, which I got on a second run through. The flip seems to be how I handle situations-- in which I can be hostile, whiny, and/or philisophical, depending. My friends most often compare me to Jules, though...

  2. Pah! I got the same result, I think the deciding factor was liking pie.