Monday, August 13, 2007


Just got word from Newsarama that Mike Wieringo passed on after a sudden heart attack. He was just 44.

Wieringo was best known for his work on "Fantastic Four," "Adventures of Superman," and "The Flash." He co-created the character Impulse with Mark Waid.

I'm just devastated. What a fantastic artist, who had such good rapport with the fans.

This is his last blog post.

This is his last sketch from his blog:

What a huge loss for the comic book community. God bless him.


  1. Ugh. Truly awful, awful news. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

    Mike has always been my favorite comic artist. I loved his work on The Flash and I've treasured all of the issues he worked on. I got to tell him once just how much I loved his work (albeit just over a web forum) and he was super nice and appreciative of all of his fans.

    He will be sorely missed.

  2. I'm trully shocked. I can't explain with words from Spain how much I will miss new issues from him.

    I love his work, especially in Fantastic Four, but I also remember Superman or Robin... He will always be a wonderwul artist. He is already missed.

  3. Oh my god! I'm close to tears right now.

    Awe hell. I loved his work! I always imagined seeking him out at a con sometime in the future to tell him how much I admired his stuff.

    Miss him already.

  4. I'm speechless and close to tears.

    Mike was my favorite artist by far and I was totally looking forward to meeting him at the Baltimore Comicon.

    What a loss to comics.

  5. News like this puts a lot of things in to perspective. Mike was a true professional and a gentlemen to his fans. And judging by the tremendous outpouring of support, Mike's art and storytelling did much more that entertain us, it touched us. Thoughts go out to Mike and his family ... and I hope that wherever he is, he'll be sketching and drawing with the many great artists that left us too soon.

  6. Anonymous8:27 PM

    There's an irony here. He died just after Bart Allen did.

    Scary...and sad.

  7. I was devastated when I heard the bad news. My condolences to his family too.