Friday, August 03, 2007

"Love Gun" -- Official "Kiss" Slash Fiction?!

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that the above art has been photoshopped from another manga. Since there is no mention of the "Love Gun" Kiss "yaoi" anywhere on the Be Beautiful Manga website, I will consider this a prank/hoax until I have further evidence that it really exists.

Be Beautiful Manga's upcoming "Kiss" series has the following description:

"Meet Gene the Demon and Paul the Starchild, two very different heirs to two very different families that have been at war as long as anyone can remember. When they meet at boarding school though, neither can deny something is drawing them together. A wild romantic odyssey is about to unfold, but the odds are stacked against this modern day Romeo and Romeo! With their resentful clans providing no support for their budding relationship, can these star-crossed lovers get behind each other to stop the long-standing family feud? KISS hits fans with a hot, new manga: LOVE GUN! Everything you love about KISS and yaoi in one thrilling graphic novel! Lick it up!"


Can "Backstreet Boys" and "N'Sync" slash fiction* can be far behind?

(found via here via here)

* Slash fan-fiction: fan-fiction with same-sex pairings. For example, Kirk/Spock, Aragorn/Legolas, Bill Gates/Steve Jobs.**

** In manga these types of stories are known as "Yaoi."***

*** I like hard apple cider and donuts.


  1. Gene Simmons + Tongue = Tentacle rape!

    This is absolutely amazing! I wonder if Gene knew what he was signing when he was handed the contract. Thing is, it's going to sell out. This is just too good!

  2. the picture is a photoshop of neon genisis evangelion. The nerv logo is on the towel.

  3. see, I wonder now if this was a hoax.

  4. I've sent an e-mail to Be Beautiful Manga to try to figure this one out. Will let you know as soon as I do.

  5. I tried sending them an email this morning, too--no response yet. But it's pretty much been debunked, I'm afraid. Which is a shame, because I had a slew of jokes written for it.

  6. I sent an email to Gene Simmons's website too because, you know, what the hell


    His interactions with Kaworu are the focal point of questions about his sexuality, as Shinji is unusually open, emotional, and physically receptive when around Kaworu, more so than with any of the other principal characters

    in other words squelch squelch

  8. I wonder what the Naruto series is going to do when it comes time to "gay sexy jutsu" in which two male characters are shown naked and making out to titilate a female character. The US version has had plenty of female cheesecake, including naked females cuddling, with clouds covering the naughty bits. Be interesting to see if their policy takes a sharp turn when it comes to two guys.

  9. (The following comment takes place in a hypothetical alternate reality where this wasn't a hoax) Knowing Gene Simmons, he probably did know what he was signing and thought "girls like yaoi and girls like KISS, so KISS yaoi would make me millions!"