Wednesday, August 29, 2007

JLA Movie Casting Rumors

Yes, I realize this starting to sound like one of those Wizard Magazine articles where they do their "dream cast" for the "Watchmen" movie and cast Zooey Deschanel as Silk Spectre.

Via the IESB via CBR, the rumors are:

Tom Welling = Superman (I like Tom better than Brandon Routh, sue me)
Ryan Reynolds = Flash



  1. From what I understand, the JLA movie will be CG with some new next generation motion cap techniques that are supposed to look pretty damn realistic. Think Final Fantasy: Spirits Withblah without the suck.

    So in a sense, it doesn't really matter who gets cast as long as their voice acting matches up with the character. Fishburne would be great as Manhunter. But if we were casting just on voice, I think James Earl Jones could add some weight to the character. It'd be neat to hear him play an alien.

  2. CHUD has been making fun of all the casting rumors, and made a good point against the liklihood of the film being all mo-cap.

    I'm cool with Fishburne as Manhunter, but I always hear Avery Brooks' voice when I read J'Onn's lines. Either would be a vast improvement over Carl Lumbly, though. He and Phil LeMarr both drove me nuts with their overinflected vocals and stilted delivery. Come to think of it, I could count the original Justice League voices I liked (Superman, Hawkgirl, & of course, Batman) quicker than the hated. Glad that improved once Unlimited kicked in.

  3. if they actually do a live action JLA movie it would be pretty lame to not include Bale and Routh...

    Why set up these franchise films just to recast the characters in the team up film?

    It would be quite a shame.

    If they wanted it to be good, they would first make a Wonder Woman and Flash movie (I could go for Reynolds as Wally West) first, then combine all, it would be an unstoppable film of awesomeness.

  4. Bale has said that he has no interest in appearing in a JLA movie since it isn't consistent with Nolan's more grounded take on the character.