Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wieringo Tribute On Project Rooftop:
Call for Submissions

From Dean Trippe:

In memory of our friend and fellow fanboy, Mike Wieringo, Project: Rooftop is announcing an open call for redesigns of Bart Allen, the super-speedster sidekick (and later mantle-bearer) of The Flash. Bart was co-created by Mike Wieringo and writer Mark Waid in the mid-90's. 'Ringo recently wrote some interesting stuff about Bart over on his blog.

Submissions should be emailed to by Sunday, August 26th, with the subject line " Impulse," " Kid Flash," or "The Flash" depending on the era of Bart's life you decided to build on. Be sure to include your name and website with your submission. We'll showcase the best entries all next week. In addition to the Bart Allen fun, we'll also be talking about some the best superhero costuming work from Mike Wieringo's career.

Mike had a timeless appreciation for these awesome characters and enjoyed the heck out of online costuming/drawing events, so I think he'd really dig this kind of fun being held in his honor. Whether you consider yourself a friend, fan, or both, come join us in remembering Mike Wieringo, whose incredible artwork and unfailing kindness continue to serve as a source of unending inspiration and joy.

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