Friday, January 18, 2008

Occasional Links: Kabinet Of Komic Book Kuriosities

Welcome to an extra-special dose of weird for your Friday morning...

First up, it's Scans Daily's "DC's History Of Gender-Bending." Love that "Wonder Man" depicted on the cover below -- how come he gets to wear a bodysuit but his female counterpart has to be half naked?

Next, from the unofficial Marvel Appendix, we have "The Many Faces Of Howard The Duck." This was notable for me by having that famous anthropomorphic character "Doucheblade."

Continuing the never-ending story of perennial Archie third-stringer Big Ethel, Stupid Comics has a profile of a Christian comic book that sees the character mysteriously turn into a beautiful fashion model -- only to realize that she'd rather be buck-toothed with bad hair and close to Jesus rather than be famous and pretty.

Not to be outdone by the recent Stan Lee fine arts tribute, artist Paul Slater is offering prints based on his interpretation of "American Gothic" :

The Worst "Spirit" Comic Ever Drawn?

That honor might go to this series of 1947 promo strips for The Spirit in the Minneapolis Star Journal. Needless to say, Will Eisner did not go anywhere near these.

I know what YOU's coming to me...yes, you need an illustrated history of Grunge from Gen 13 semi- and fully-nude and in bondage. Am I right? Am I right? From Wizard, I mean Shirtless Superheroes.

Video: Archie Meets The Sex Pistols


  1. With that outfit, Wonder Man would have looked better half-naked. Just - wow, that's an ugly costume.

  2. Funny, but I've seen American Gotham before:

  3. Thanks, Leaf. Unfortunately, since Slater's listed as having a 22-year career, it's safe to assume he beat me to it. Great minds think alike, and all that.


  4. I totally recall reading that gender switch comic!

  5. you know what really sticks in my brain is the gender-swapped Authority. i guess that the rounded buildings (because, you know, skyscrapers are phalluses. effecient use of property space, pshah) & the whole "Meritocracy" thing bugged me. the idea of a world where women were on top would be a magical, fictional, totally implausible utopia. SINCE WE KNOW HOW CRAZZZZZY IT IS. girls. as president. superman as a girl. SO GOOFY!

  6. He's only wearing the body suit on the cover; in the interiors he's just wearing Wonder Woman's outfit.

    Black Canary/Condor, however, skips the fishnets.

  7. Are you sure that Wonder Man's costume isn't mostly body paint?

  8. Where do you get these wonderful toys?

  9. I had the same reaction to Wonder Man. All that white isn't helping, either. He should have let his natural musculature shine.

    By the way, I stole the Archies for my own blog, cause that's what I do.