Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Occasional Links: The "Buy Catwoman" Edition

"Paris Hilton is our country's chupacabra."
--Don't ask.

One More Post"...hey---how ‘bout those mechanical web shooters!?"
-- Brandon Thomas defends "One More Day" in his Newsarama column

"Is Norman Osborn’s sex face still in continuity?"
-- Tom Spurgeon commenting at Blog@Newsarama

"Yeah, she can't defend herself physically when some idiot with extra metal arms decides to kidnap her and walk up the side of a building. But you give her a creepy boss making inappropriate suggestions, and she'll destroy him."
-- Jesse on Mary Jane's own special super-powers

"...Peter is having wheatcakes shoved down his throat by Aunt May..."
-- Inspiring imagery courtesy of Sally P

"The truth of the matter is that if the fans truly want a married Peter and MJ with kids, then we have an incredible book called “Spider-Girl.” If this is truly what fandom wants, to see Peter go through the natural progressions of life, then I expect orders on “Spider-Girl” to go through the roof in the next month."
-- Joe Quesada

"Amazons Attack" Wins Poll

The blog Neither Doormat or Prostitute gives the results of its Worst Gender Related Incident of 2007:

Amazons Attack 35%
Batgirl's Entire Personality Change 12%
BC/GA Wedding 12%
Starfire's treatment in Countdown to Adventure 12%
Black Canary Wedding Planner 6%
MJ Statue of Evil 6 %
Donna's weakness in Countdown 3%
Wonder Woman relaunch 6%
Cassie continuing to play Juliet to Kon 3%

Surprisingly, the Power Girl Boobs Of Doom cover was not listed. Was that even in 2007? I lose track.

Because You Demanded It

Yes, the rumors are true...

Val Kilmer is releasing an album.


Check out Val Kilmer's Music Myspace!

Chuck Norris Sues "Truth About Chuck Norris" Author

"The suit, filed in the Manhattan Federal Court, asks a judge to impound and destroy copies of the book and recall those already sold. Norris says Spector and publisher Penguin Group have hurt his reputation."

I purchased the book "The Truth About Chuck Norris" for my brother for Christmas, and found it hilarious. I was also fairly certain that Norris -- who, as far as I know, is a fairly serious Christian -- was going to eventually sue the author for lines like:

"Chuck Norris can impregnate women with only a glance. He can also do this to men.”

Of course, the paradox is that it is exactly books (and the original website that inspired it) like "Truth About Chuck Norris" that has relaunched Norris as a hot pop-culture icon.

Also, his action fugure goes for like $40 on eBay. Which is really good. Trust me.

Video: Spidey Gets Married...guest-starring Stan Lee!


  1. Y'know, I've been considering picking up Spidergirl. That sounds like a good reason to finally do it.

  2. thing is Spidergirl isn't about Spiderman! It's about Spidergirl!!!

    Sure I want Peter married, and I don't care if he has a kid or not, but I wanna read about HIM, not his daughter all grown up.

    Plus the stories are kinda lame, I personally started reading Spiderman because JMS was doing so much DIFFERENT stuff, and some of it failed, and some of it shined, but it was nice to have stuff that wasn't your done and redone and redone again 1970s Spiderman stories.

    Which is why I will be dropping Spiderman. And them putting Mcniven on the title is just an insult saying, "look at this amazing McNiven art you are going to miss!"

    what an asshole! i hope the sales bomb!

  3. ps. Young Chuck Norris

    and the internets is broken today. nothing is working right!

  4. What Sammy said. That line from Joe Q is weak -- Spider-Girl has a married Peter in it, but NOT SPIDER-MAN. Meh, I'm not buying either of them.

    Also, re: that Catwoman cover... I wish they hadn't changed it. As originally solicited the image was lovely and I would have bought it. Now it's so 'ugh' that I noticed it on the shelf and would have been embarrassed to lay it on the counter. Lame, DC.

  5. Joe Q - what, did he get up one morning and think to himself "I'm coming out of this looking really good despite what a small minority of whiners on the internet are saying. I think now I'll make a bitchy and defensive comment about One More Day and that Spider-Girl book that sells no matter how much I try to cancel it - no point going to bed tonight without someone somewhere being disappointed that a grown man in a full-time job treats it like a schoolyard." I think Joe Q is doing a great job, but that comment was classless and juvenile - he should take the criticism on the chin and move on, because that's what the job entails.

    Chuck Norris - ungrateful asshole. He should be happy about his career resurgence, not actively undermining it.

  6. DC's actually been pretty good about keeping the covers of Catwoman trades from being cheesecake (okay, besides the forthcoming "Catwoman Dies" trade, but there's still time for them to choose a better cover than the solicited placeholder) and consequently I've been buying it like that. And hey, even if they're lousy covers, the book's been consistently good since the relaunch. Buying in trade slashes the Adam Hughes Cheesecake exposed to the public by 83%!

  7. RE: Val Kilmer

    I'd pay for the Skeet Surfin' single.

    (Anybody else see Top Secret?)


  8. Re: YouTube video:

    Looks like Mephisto missed a bit when he erased all the evidence of the marriage. Spidey's gonna be so confused when he finds that...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. is it just me or does spider-man sound like Kevin Smith in the clip?

  11. I love that argument Joe Q gave for fans who liked the married Spider-Man. "Check out Spider-Girl". So, wouldn't the same go him, since he didn't like the married Spider-Man? "Go check Ultimate Spider-Man or Marvel Adventures Spider-Man". Oh, I'm sorry. He's EIC. He can change the established continuity on a whim if he doesn't like it, all the rest can go fly a kite.

    And re: Chuck Norris: Like minds think alike

  12. What's been going on with Starfire in Countdown to Adventure?

  13. Blogger Michael AKA Cayman said...

    "What's been going on with Starfire in Countdown to Adventure?"

    She is still without her powers and she also had trouble fighting Animal Man's crazed 12 year old. Although in the latest issue she was fighting multiple crazy people with just her martial art skills.

    What was so bad about the Black Canary/Green Arrow Wedding/Planer? And what's bad about Donna in Countdown? at least what makes it worse than any one else in Countdown?

    Also, where is the "Best Gender Related Incident of 2007?"

  14. SPIDER-GIRL is an excellent book, but as others have said, it's not about Peter Parker. He and MJ are supporting characters and he's retired the costume. Quesada's statement is completely fallacious.

  15. It is like Joe Q. heard all the reasonable arguments against his statements (see also: Ultimate Spidey, Spidey *hearts* MJ) & decided to just...badly co-opt it?

    I want to again call out for everyone to vote AGAINST the reboot, & by vote I mean STOP BUYING. Spider-girl is fair game though. You might want to pick up a lot of back stock, too.

    Also I demand a sexy statue of Aunt May doing Peter's wash.

  16. What's been going on with Starfire in Countdown to Adventure?

    Also: Starfire's chief role in the story has been:

    1) Drool-bait for said 12 year old boy- he takes a picture of her sleeping to prove to the kids at school that "we have a totally hot alien princess staying with us."

    2) Be there to make Buddy's wife jealous (Forgive me: She does have a name, but I forgot it and my comics are at home)

    3) Make fan-servicey comments like "Usually, I sleep naked." I sleep naked sometimes too. But I bet nobody here needed to know that.

    4) Just, generally, have a personality-ectomy.

    I really, really wanted to enjoy Countdown to Adventure- I'm all about Adam Strange- but Starfire being reduced to eye-candy is really getting in the way of that.

    You know what, though? The Forefunner back-up feature has just taken a turn for the win. I honestly didn't expect it to be that good.

  17. Oh, and also: If Chuck really cared that much, he could just punch reality so hard that everyone who bought the book ceased to exist.

    I've seen him do it.

  18. Regarding the first item: LOL ;)