Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Catwoman #78 Cover Idea Meeting

Editor: Okay, Adam, so here is the basic idea: Catwoman is going up against the Cheetah.

Adam: "Cat-fight."

Editor: Totally.

Adam: I'm on it.


  1. I'm actually surprised they're not half-naked and in a pool.

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    That's on page 4, unknown eric. Followed by a splash page of them tussling in a pool of Jello.

    Egad, I really miss the Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale issues of Catwoman. Imagine that: Telling great stories about a female protagonist, drawing her fully clothed.

  3. Do you mean Jeph Leob and Sale, "60inches"? They did the When In Rome mini which also featured a Catwoman/Cheetah catfight. And Selina totally naked in a pool.

  4. Telling great stories about a female protagonist, drawing her fully clothed.

    Don't be silly. That'll never be a fan favourite, critically acclaimed book that sells decent numbers.

    Really, they ought to get Jim Balent back on Catwoman. There was a man who could draw reasonably proportioned heroic, strong women!


  5. You forgot the "how can we put a pseudo-lesbian spin on it without being totally obvious?" Not that I've been in many fights in my life, but in order to get someone's lip between your teeth, it seems to me you've got to get in pretty close.

  6. dude, whatever, HOT.

  7. I'd kind of like it as a poster, but it's way out there for a comic cover.

    But most importantly: FUSCIA? WITH THOSE FOREGROUND COLORS? Somebody needs to get fired for that sh*t.

  8. Personally, I like how you can tell Selina is the "top" here because a) Cheetah is straddling her and b) bullwhip handle, front and center. I think of it the magic floating phallic symbol.

    Of course they are actually just fighting; it's completely incidental that it's "hawt"; it's in no way an insult to viewer intelligence to insist they are just fighting.

    In conclusion: either only teenage boys, or lots of lesbians, read Catwoman. I'm off to draw the slashy version featuring Batman. (He will only be fighting, of course).

  9. I feel the need to point this out every time the comments devolve into a pool of people crapping on the current Catwoman based on Adam Hughes's covers:

    The inside of the book (by Will Pfieffer and currently David Lopez) is actually much closer to the Brubaker run of the series than any of these wild fantasies you are spinning out in your head. It's actually quite good.

  10. Chris does have a point here. I know it's about a couple months or so late, but I just picked up issue 76, and Selina is a very smart, very competent superheroine.

    And THAT'll always be more attractive than a pseudo-lesbionic cover!

    I totally think Hughes is an all right guy; his sense of humor and playfulness is great, so it's just a shame that his covers have to resort to pretty much soft-core porn to attract any attention. I wish the title sold better than the 110-mark though =(.