Monday, January 07, 2008

Occasional Superheroine Reader Profile: ALGEYA

Name: Algeya

Location: MEXICO

Occupation: Arquitecto, animador

Website/blog: (optional)

Comics you read: One Piece, Gash Bell, Avengers the Initiative and Dragon Quest No Daibuken.

Fave artist: Makoto Raiku and Echiro Oda.

Fave writer: Dan Slott and Echiro Oda.

Fave character: Ussop from One Piece. In the past it was Spider-Man but you know after a quesadilla attack he fell from grace.

First comic you ever read: I dont remember clearly but it could be Uncle Scrooge or Asterix -- not by choice its because there wasn't a big selection here in Mexico when I was a child, it was either that or Tom and Jerry.

Your favorite comic book "memory": All of them except the Spider-Man clone saga; after that I stopped reading comics for a while

Most frustrating comic book "moment": I received a 15 minute rant from Sergio Aragones 8 years ago at a local convention in Mexico City because I used to draw manga and he told me "you should be drawing other stuff like animals or something like that," and seven years later at the Comicon when I was a comicbook 2007 finalist I was going to brag in front of him, I was like 20 minutes next to his stand and I was unable to say a word. (yes I suck)

Where/how do you buy your comics?: At my local book store, Sambours (a restaurant), coffee shop, bar, toystore, drug store etc superstore).

Floppies or trades?: Trades are hard to get where I live. Only floppies and I always miss a number or two of each saga.

Marvel or DC?: Comics Marvel, TV DC.

Star Wars or Star Trek?: Star Wars.

Non-comic book hobbies: Hard to ask because making comics is my hobby -- but probably making 3d animations, long walks, videogames (Dragon Quest 8 and Dragon Quest Monster are my faves), watercolor painting.

How did you start reading "Occasional Superheroine?": Last year because I wanted to check if did a good job writing femalescharacters and I stayed because your blog is the few things that I read in English without drawings in it (a hard task if you ask me).

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