Friday, January 18, 2008

Marvel's "The Twelve" The New "Watchmen"?

I bought Marvel's The Twelve #1 simply because I read artist Chris Weston's name on the cover. I knew nothing else about it. Then I noticed J. Michael Straczynski's name on the cover, and, given recent events, I was a little wary. But, in the end I enjoyed The Twelve #1 -- and I couldn't help think of a similar mini-series...


It was the death of swashbuckling character Blue Blade, reminiscent for me of that of The Comedian, that really sunk in the Watchmen comparison. Certainly Weston's art -- superb -- helped that connection along.

But, whether JMS's story has the texture and depth of Alan Moore's masterpiece remains to be seen. I think relating this tale about the dark side of Golden Age heroes to the DC mini The Golden Age -- or even the recent Grant Morrison arc of Batman with the "Batmen of many nations" storyline/murder mystery -- might be more apropos.

Worth a read.

Some preview pages from #2: (click for bigger)


  1. I can't understand why this series is a big surprise for everybody... I've been excited for The Twelve since it was announced.

  2. Excuse me: we all know that the New Watchmen is really Countdown to Final Crisis.

    (What, who wasn't expecting that?!)

  3. I thought The Twelve had promise; it certainly was better than most of the crop the week it came out. A Civil War tie-in that...doesn't suck? Woah.

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

    I think the scope of The Twelve is more intimate than Watchmen. It's more of a psychological drama... and a meditation on how our world has changed in the last sixty years.

    Hope you stick with it!

  5. I'm looking forward to Alex Ross' Super Powers instead.

    It promises to rehash Watchmen as well - but with better costume designs.

  6. For me, The Twelve is an example of how Marvel has poisoned their entire universe for me. I thought it looked interesting, brought it... and then got to the point where the guy was ranting about not waking them up because of Civil War, and realized I just didn't want to read this anymore.

    I did skim through the rest, and the feeling only got more overwhelming. It's not even that I expect JMS to write paeans to the SHRA -- he was about the only writer in Marvel that allowed Cap to actually say anything in his own defense rather than being an inarticulate jerk -- but that whatever happens, this really poisonous system will remain in place at the end of the maxi.

  7. Wow, Tavella...

    one single line of dialogue is a deal-breaker, eh?

    Comic fans... toughest audience in the world.