Thursday, January 10, 2008

Occasional Links: The "There's No Crying In Comics" Edition

Heroes Action Figures

"Men With Purses"

click for bigger pic

Check out this pic of the new Heroes action figures from Mezco:

Notice how almost all the male figures have messenger bags? And Claire lacks the traditional "purse" female accessory?

I remember back in the old days when men who wore those prototype messenger bags were made fun of for wearing "handbags." Part of this was because those bags looked less like contemporary messenger bags and more like handbags.

Hell, at least Claire doesn't have a pom-pom accessory! (Sylar does have a severed brain accessory, tho)

"Justice League" Movie On Hold/Cancelled?

Is the "Justice League" movie on hold/cancelled?

"Justice League is indeed in danger of not starting production on time, and maybe even getting scrapped altogether. The concerns are that the script is not ready to go in front of cameras, and also that the budget is getting a bit out of control."

I think that the idea of casting a Superman & Batman separate from the current movie franchises for the characters was a terrible one. People watching the "JLA" film will be like, "that's not Christian Bale! That's a fake Batman!"

Old "Hulk," New "Hulk," Red Hulk, Blue Hulk

Doesn't this shot from the new "Incredible Hulk" movie look like something from the old Bill Bixby TV series? Didn't they have a shot just like this in the TV series? Lets see...

yes, exactly like the TV series! (which makes sense since the director said the movie's an homage to the show)

And Even More Movie Bits!

Benicio Del Toro as The Wolfman (cool)

Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher in the new Star Trek movie (he's a natural)

Chipettes to appear in "Alvin" sequel? (wait, there's going to be an "Alvin" sequel?)

Is A Bioshock movie in the works? (I know somebody who's gonna be really know, unless the movie really really sucks. Which, given the rate of bad vs. good movie adaptations of video games, is pretty damned likely.)

"There's No Crying In (Blank)"

Did women in New Hampshire only vote for Hillary Clinton because she cried? Did Hillary really cry, or was this blown out of all proportion by the media? Was the perception that Hillary cried something promoted by her own PR people, in an attempt to make her more "human?" Do strong women need to show they can cry in order to seem more "likeable?" Should strong women ever cry? What about that classic 1962 Four Seasons song "Big Girls Don't Cry?" Do you know where I'm going with this? Do you? Do you really?:


  1. I've been so on the fence about Sen. Clinton for a long time. She's a little too moderate for my taste. That being said, her performance during the NH debate and her moment of sincere emotion made me look at her in a different light. It really humanized her and was a welcome indication that she really believes in what she's doing and that she cares.

    I've been very impressed with most of the Democrats running for President this cycle compared to past years. This is a much stronger group overall compared to 2004.

  2. Cue the Lesley Gore music. "It's my campaign and I'll cry if I want to!" LOLZ!

  3. I've been a Hillary supporter since the beginning, and I am sick of people accusing her of fake crying or that the "Iron My Shirt" guy was a plant.

    You know, if Obama had a guy saying "pick my cotton" there would be outrage, but somehow Hillary faked it all??

    And she didn't have this huge emotional outburst, she got choked up a little, like a normal person does occasionally.

    I'd much rather have a President who knows how to cry, than a Preacher who only knows hate and lacks experience in anything other than Jesus (Huckabee).

    Loves the Chipettes!!

  4. "Justice League is indeed in danger of not starting production on time... The concerns are that the script is not ready to go in front of cameras"

    Yeah, it must be terrible having all that screenwriting time interrupted by fighting fires, performing complex surgery and helping blind orphans learn to cross the road, you lazy overpaid screenwriting fucks. Try working in a coal mine for minimum wage, then tell me how 'hard' it is for you to turn in 200 pages of story that you've recycled from whatever cartoon you saw when you got up this morning after six god-damned months.

    Even if Hilary C wins, she loses, because like everyone else in the world, she'll always have that thought in the back of her mind that she only won because America didn't want to vote for an African-American candidate.

  5. Had to get that out of the way. But since you mentioned it, I sincerely hope for the day when the fact that Hilary is a woman and that Barak is black will no longer matter, that we won't have newspapers declaring FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT or FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT. That'd be an awesome day.

    Having said that, I'm not a fan of the Hil. She's a politician through and through, exactly what we don't need right now. Every move is calculated for the highest political gain. It's sick.

    Overall, I'm terribly disgusted with this election cycle. The media is over-hyping and over-analyzing minutia like it's BIG NEWS. Polling this, polling that, who raised the most money, is Obama black enough, is Hilary woman enough, is Romney religious enough. ENOUGH IS A FUCKING NUFF!

    bleh, sorry, didn't mean to hijack the comments there.

  6. As much as I dislike Clinton (heck, I dislike everybody up there), I gotta say, yeah, her "crying" is a stupid media event. She displayed a basic level of emotion, not out of place with the tension she was under, & it makes "good news" to portray it as "can a weak, crying, sissy woman REALLY be president? Will she get all the weak, crysing, sissy women's votes? ARE WE DOOMED?"

    I USED to be all male-purse, but I've since dedicded I hate not-bookbags, as, you know, bookbags are the smartest way to carry things.

    I never believed the JLA movie was going to happen anyhow...

    Red Hulk was BORING.

    Um...what else....

    BioShock was also boring. THERE, I SAID IT.



  8. Argh. You and you're pop culture memory and speedy blogging.

    I thought the same thing about the Hulk image and dug out my DVDs today so I could post a comparison and you beat me to it.

    Still, movie is looking great.

  9. BioShock was also boring. THERE, I SAID IT.

    This makes me weep.


    But, if all the writers are fighting fires, who will write all the comic books?

  10. One more thing. If you're a fan of the old Hulk TV show, you've got to listen to the Disco version of the closing theme.

    Incredible Hulk (closing theme) - Disco Version

    It doesn't get much better than that.

  11. Why does everybody hate the chipmunks so much?

  12. I almost always hear about my messenger bag...
    "Nice man purse."
    And my "favorite"...
    "Nice f*g-bag"
    Then again, I live in the woods.
    New Hampshire, to be precise.
    And I theorize (with no scientific data to back this up, mind) that Hillary won _partially_ due to the racism factor (I have very little faith in most my fellow New Hampshirites).
    Tangental to that...
    A friend of mine's mixed-race daughter commented recently that she wanted Hillary to lose because SHE was going to be the first girl president. Her mom pointed out that she could be the first black girl president. I really thought that was sweet. Though I do wish gender and race weren't issues at all...

  13. David- Yeah, I kind of hated how I didn't get a chance to explore because the freaking troglodyte ayn rands kept effing SHOOTING me all the time. To be fair, I only gave it a bit of a go: I was borrowing a 360 & Halo caught my eye first.

    & don't editors already write the comics coming out these days? OH SNAP.

  14. Oh, you silly Americans. Your last two elections were stolen. Any reason to think that this will be any different?

    So, I can have my very own Peter Petrelli to mutilate and disfigure? Oh joy!

    (The optional mutilation accessories for Claire kind of puzzle me, though- I mean, sure, her entire character is that she can get hurt and bounce back from it, but man, thats a weird image.)

    (Actually, Heroes, season one? The reason one had to save the cheerleader, and thus save the world, was so that the villain would be vulnerable? So, like, Claire wasn't important for her own agency.
    ..., I'm so glad I don't watch Heroes any more.)

    And put me down for "Man, a Bioshock movie would be so cool but there's no way it would survive an inept screen translation (cough cough Resident Evil cough cough)." I guess today is my day for parentheses. ^_^

  15. I know this is about 99% rehtorical, but do they even make toys for kids anymore? I know if I was 10 I'd love the crap out of it (as I did the greatest american hero) and would love a toy I could actually play with.

  16. You know what the best thing about Benicio Del Toro as the Wolfman in that photo is?

    There's no make up. It's all him - the guy's face is just incredible.

  17. You know, I was actually hoping that having different actors play Superman and Batman would blow the doors open and destroy once and for all the whole "people will be confused" consideration that prevented, say, introducing a character on "Smallville" or something for fear that it would interfere with another movie or TV project.
    I really hope that that pic of Banner in the gammatron-thingy is the briefest of flashbacks and not a full origin that takes up too much movie time; ignore the first one, sure (though I'm a defender of Lee's version), but either compress the origin or take it as read and get on with a new story.

  18. Although more important things may have followed, my eyes stopped and stuck at "Sylar does have a severed brain accessory, tho."


  19. Dunno why the Clinton thing was treated as some massive emotional breakdown, she barely began to choke up. But you know, in the last verse of FVFS "Big Girls Don't Cry" the big girl actually does cry.

    As an aside on crying songs, Lesley Gore's hit had two sequels, "Judy's Turn to Cry" and "Just Let Me Cry."

  20. The thing is, even if Hillary wins, I feel like the "first woman" thing has already been done. By that, I mean that other countries: even countries you wouldn't expect, like traditionally patriarchal countries like Pakistan or India, have already had women executives. I suppose if you were so America obsessed that you thought it didn't really count until it happened in America that would be one thing, but in terms of women's rights period, i.e. all women everywhere, there are a lot more laudable women leaders who got there first. Margret Thatcher was whipping the U.K. into shape long before Hillary was even a blip on the radar.

    That's not to say that a first isn't still something refreshing (in part because only AFTER that can we hope to have women presidents who will be just presidents, not women presidents), just that I feel like its a bit overblown and narrow in perspective.

    Oh, and what the hell happened to Heroes anyway. 2nd season was an incoherent mess of plot points that made no sense and character arcs that revealed nothing much interesting, nor made much sense at all.

    I still can't for the life of me figure out why (SPOILERS):

    -if Linderman was Adam's disciple, and Linderman owned the company, Linderman would keep Adam locked up.
    -everyone was so scared of Adam when he could be easily defeated by a LOCKED DOOR... or blowing off his head for that matter
    -they didn't show any of the powers of most of the other older heroes
    -Hiro can't change the past, except he can and has, in both big and small ways
    -anything the company does makes any sense at all.

  21. Regarding the Bioshock movie rumors, I've decided to pretend there's no such thing. Even if it proves true and exists, I will continue to believe there's no such thing until an overwhelming majority of trusted friends, professionals, nobel scientists and astronauts assure me it's not utter shit. Only then will I consider opening up my heart.