Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh Crap! It's Another Vidcast!

One day I'm really meaning to make this vidcast thing a very professional, awesome production. In the meantime, we have this.

Comics covered:
Amazing Spider-Man #546
Hulk #1
Nightwing #140
The Goon #20
Teen Titans Lost Annual


  1. Yay! Very nice, Val. I especially liked your review of Nightwing. I, uh, had never really thought of the book in those terms before...

  2. Video seems to have been removed from Youtube ...

  3. I officially dropped it, and my comic store owner said, "GOOD!"

    I felt a little naked and had some withdrawals, but I made it through, so yay.

    I'll prob try to read it at Borders or something for free so my $$$ won't go there.

    Sorry, glad you liked it, but best review I've read was, "Well... it's an ok story... 30 years ago..."

    Mighty Avengers was funny, and I think either Black Widow or Sentry's wife is a skrull.