Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Occasional Links: The Superhero Mama Edition

DIY Spidey

Pictures of a guy and his super-advanced homemade Spider-Man costume. Plus Photoshop. Suits for sale. Classic or black. Webshooters not included.

DIY Superheroine

Time is running out for Shadowline's "Who Wants To Create A Superheroine" contest. Entries due by January 31st, details are here.

“I’d been hoping to see a super-hero book with a strong female lead to act as a counter-point to our popular Bomb Queen series, but none were forthcoming. So I decided to come up with a contest to create a super-heroine for the 21st Century.”

If anybody is looking for any inspiration on that "superheroine for the 21st Century," here are some pics of Bomb Queen:

Yep, that's the "superheroine for the 21st Century," I guess...

Night Thrasher = "BADICAL"

I always found Night Thrasher from The New Warriors to be very emblematic of early 90s comic books, and apparently the blog Of Course, Yeah! thinks so as well:

"But back in 1990? You bust some Tae Bo out on the local pimp and he be all convinced you were trained by the ghost of Bruce Lee himself! And the scarf? Well damn, make all the fun you want and but when you're laughing and there's a BLACK! METAL! FIST! PILFERING! OUT! JUSTICE! IN! YOUR! FACE!'ll think twice about dissing on dudes with a little bit of balls when it comes to fashion. "

Me, I just love the "TRAKA TRAKA TRAKA" skateboard SFX.

"I Am Darkhawk, I AM The Night"

Speaking of "badical" 1990s superheroes, Project Rooftop has an awesome redesign of Darkhawk's costume by Joel Carroll

Divorce, Spider-Man Style

Erik Larsen added his two cents to the "One More Day" debate on a Newsarama forum and suggested that a Peter/MJ divorce might have worked better:

"Have Peter and MJ get divorced. She can't take the pressure any more--living with Peter is giving her nightmares--he's always in danger--always getting hurt--Peter's always late for stuff because of Spider-Man and every time she can't help feel that THIS will be the time that he never comes back--and she just can't stand it. It's all too much. She files for the divorce. She leaves him. He becomes that much more of a loser. He could try to make things right--promise to give up the tights and all that but--great power and great responsibility and all the rest and he has to save somebody and she goes through with it.

And Spider-Man getting a divorce would be big news--in the real world--but Marvel has always prided itself on realism and a divorce is a realistic solution--not a "comic booky" solution. Marvel would get a LOT more mileage out of a tastefully handled divorce than a hastily executed mind-wipe."
Peter could have then called these guys:

Videos: The Bizarro YouTube Superhero Awards

Choose between --

"Spider-Man Does Barbie": (NSFW, sort of) Buddies get drunk and their toys get wild in this soon-to-be-classic

"Transformation To Superheroine": (NSFW, sort of) Man or woman in creeeeepy anime mask slowly puts on superheroine outfit. The messed-up camera angle really contributes to the David Lynch quality of the production.

"I'm A Superhero": A nice "Blair Witch" vibe with the camera work, as mom dresses like superhero to "experience childlike freedom with her son." My mom never did this for me.


  1. I've actually whipped up... I think five, so far, entries for that superheroine creatin' contest and...

    While all of the ideas have been kinda out-there, I'm kinda proud of the fact that they're all non-exploitive and non-refrigeratory.

    My liberal guilt, of course, kicks in and tells me that as a member of the XY set maybe I shouldn't be entering such a writing contest to begin with but...

    I'm an aspiring writer before I'm a fountain of liberal guilt, I s'pose.

  2. Mike,

    Who cares if you're a man? Why would that prohibit you from being able to create a good female character? I'm sure you're doing a great job!

    Anyway, I loves me some Darkhawk and Night Thrasher! I think the cheesy 90's heroes are way more fun than the cheesy 70's heroes! I'm not afraid to admit I bought The Losers mini just for Darkhawk and 6 issues of that God awful New Warriors series currently being published purely out of fanboy love. That New Warriors series is *sooo* horrible! Mike, if nothing else, just think of can't possibly do worse than whoever's writing New Warriors! lol

  3. I just read that Night Thrasher link and here's something I'm always sad is overlooked:

    "Did I mention that he started the New Warriors pretty much by bullying everybody into joining? Because he did."

    I thought that was pretty bad ass back when it was happening. Night Thrasher was like the Randy Moss of superheroes; perpetually pissed off and not about to take shit from anyone. I think Night Thrasher was one of my favorite superheroes for the same reason Randy Moss is one of my favorite athletes. They're just awesome in their defiance!

  4. Man, that 3rd Bomb cover is excellent! I would have to look up the definition of pants to see if they technically need to include anything but the legs. Those are like those gloves that Rhinana wears with no palms, only fingers.

  5. I always thought Darkhawk was used the wrong way...I mean, what is up with this SPACESHIP FULL OF HORRIFYING INVINCIBLE ROBOALIENS WHO HAVE FACES SO SCARY SO SCARY ARRGHHH!

  6. In fairness to the Visionary contest, I think we should wait and see what 10 ideas get selected for the next round before judging it. I know there's at least one more entry that's not exploiting in a Bomb Queen manner. So it's a question of if they want a good version of Bomb Queen, or an all-out anti-Bomb Queen.

  7. "Man, that 3rd Bomb cover is excellent! I would have to look up the definition of pants to see if they technically need to include anything but the legs. Those are like those gloves that Rhinana wears with no palms, only fingers."

    Apparently, pants must rise to the waist, which means that very few persons - especially female - wear literal pants these days. (The waist, btw, is defined as the area between the bottom of the ribs and the top of the pelvis.)

  8. That guy with the Spiderman suits is really nice. He sent me some info on making them once. God, I want a quality Spiderman suit for halloween. And I'd get Miss a Galactus costume (Eater of Tiny Worlds!) -Sigh-. If only we had the money.

    Interestingly, there seems to be a whole subculture of people who make Spiderman movie suits and sell them on Ebay. A few are even far better at it than the guy you linked to.

    It troubles me that, of all the great stuff you post here, this is the one thing I felt qualified to chime in on. I'm going to the corner now, to geek all over my lonely self.

    -- K. Colden

  9. Just putting put together the last plot point for my superheroine yesterday. Now I need to collapse the outline into a single paragraph and polish it.

    From the chatter about the contest, it looks some people are putting their hero is something more practical that one a one-piece bathing-suit. Looking at it, Bomb Queen's outfit might actually cover as much skin as a one-piece when it's intact. It's all in how you wear it, I suppose. Anyways, shirt, pants, and boots for mine. Maybe even a jacket. No gloves, though.

    Good luck, Mike.

  10. Anonymous2:15 PM

    "Yep, that's the superheroine for the 21st Century:, I guess..."

    Just to be clear.... Bomb Queen isn't an example, or inspiration, of a "heroine" as the blog (appears) to imply. She is without doubt an extreme super villain living in an extreme society. Shadowline is looking for a traditional good girl heroine to "counter" the salacious Queen - not be on par with her.

    In short, can a new comic featuring a female lead be good without the T & A? Logically, of course it can, hence the contest. I await to see the winners.