Monday, January 28, 2008

Will Cap's Return Recharge The Marvel Magic?

The Beat points out today that this week will see a blitz of publicity for Captain America's return, including the New York Daily News, Ed Brubaker on NPR, and an appearance by Joe Quesada on The Colbert Report on Tuesday.

Marvel has taken some flack recently for their "One More Day"/"Brand New Day" Spider-Man storyline. But, will the triumphant return of Cap -- on stands this week -- inspire readers not to kvetch, but to rejoice?

And will Steve Rogers make a comeback at some point as well?

Here's one man who sure hopes so --


  1. I actually read this title, but I honestly don't care what happens. It's a well written superhero book, but I honestly don't care anymore if there is a Captain America or not in the book or if Steve Rogers is alive or dead. Honestly, I sorta hope Marvel goes down in flames anyway.

  2. I wonder if Quesada's going to take back the shield from Colbert.

  3. I think there is still some life left in Cap, the question is, will Marvel make use of it?! I hope they don't cheese out. Honestly, I think Marvel would need to seriously reexamine themselves if they were to base their success on the quality of only one franchise. All of the stories under their influence should exhibit the same, if not better, quality of story and artwork.

    I find it interesting that in the wake of the writer's strike, there has been somewhat of a renewed interest in comics again. At least that's the way it seems in my area here in Philly. The comic shop I frequent has seen much more business since the begin of the strike. I guess that is one actual benefit of the strike. Now, how could Marvel use that fact to their advantage? Hmmm...

  4. No, especially since Cap isn't really "returning." Someone else is taking over the role.

    That's not to say this isn't a good story, because it is. It really seems as if Marvel is committed to keeping Steve Rogers dead and moving forward with Bucky/"Winter Soldier" as his successor. If nothing else, it's a gutsy move on their part.

  5. Having a new Capwould be fine with me, but I absolutely despise Cyber-Commie-Bucky with the burning white-hot intensity of a million blazing suns. His ret-conned origin is ludicrous (why would the Soviets give a load of flaming dingo's kidneys about a non-powered teenager? Why would they bother putting him in suspended animation?) and his return spoiled what was really the last comic book death that meant something because the grave wasn't desecrated.

  6. Why would they bother putting him in suspended animation?)

    Because they're communists. They don't need a reason to hate freedom. Who needs reasons when you have Trotsky?

  7. Who needs reasons when you have Trotsky?

    I thought the Soviets were Leninists?

  8. "Who needs reasons when you have Trotsky?"

    Cue Terry Jones as Trotsky singing Clodagh Rogers...