Saturday, January 26, 2008

Occasional Links: The Paintball Avengers Edition

Fabian Nicieza -- Man Of ACTION!

I just wanted to tout my former boss at Acclaim Comics Fabian Nicieza's new book from Moonstone, Captain Action. It seems like a wonderful new twist on a classic toy concept, and will most probably be a big success.

Now I must climb into my time machine and travel back to 1997 so I can tell Fabian how I promoted his future book and get a promotion.

The Few. The Brave. The Paintball Avengers Brigade.

"There's one of a few of the other Paintball, Spider-man, Black Widow and the Vision. There's a few with my 2nd attempt at the round shield, made of pizza pans...and one also of my first attempt, made out of a saucer sled."

Hey, I heard that in an effort to make writing superheroes easier for Bendis, the Avengers will lose all their powers and will be given paintguns. Is this true?

Things That Make Hulk Angry (You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Angry)

Here is a list of the 117 times David Banner was driven to "Hulk Out" on the classic TV show.

My favorite:

17. Receiving a lethal injection, and then having the person say, "Oh. I just gave you a lethal injection. Sorry, David."

The Coming Of Red Robin

Yes, the long-awaited first appearance of the new Red Robin has finally happened in the DC universe! In fact, I've stumbled upon what must be a viral website of sorts promoting his debut!

The Skrull Invasion -- Thwarted!
Yes, that's it, story over -- no more Skrull Invasion.

Video: Learn To Dance Like The Cool Kids

How To Do The Cabbage Patch


  1. Mephisto wiped out Forge's scanner when he undid Spidey's marriage. See, he didn't actually care about the marriage, he just needed cover to do DC Crisis style reboot that favors the villains.

  2. If you've been giving Countdown a miss, then you missed the scene in which "I just killed all the supervillians and it led to a perfect world but for some reason that's a bad thing" Batman appears to have an argument with himself because the inkers screwed up and temporarily inked Red Robin's arms in Batman colors.

  3. Ye gods, that woman has the sort of teeth I thought only existed in comic book caricatures.

  4. Where is Rom's analyzer when you did it...

  5. I'm sorry, but David Banner was just looking for a fight. Who gets beaten up every week?

  6. 52. Locked in a drunk tank with a crazy person who insists he is Ernest Hemingway and then beats the stuffing out of David

    Further evidence that Hemmingway wasn't that great a writer, he was just a jerk.

  7. Anonymous9:34 PM

    dacing kim got wiped out of existence by mephisto too?

  8. There have been lots of ways people have detected Skrulls in the past and it's been well established that these mechanics have been thwarted by the new breed of invading Skrulls. Wolverine's enhanced senses, Iron Man's technological scanners, Doctor Strange's magic mumbo-jumbo, Spider-Man's Spider-Man Sense, none of them could detect Skrulls. This has been discussed at great length within the pages of the comics leading up to the Secret Invasion crossover. Then again, MephistLOL!