Thursday, January 17, 2008

Occasional Superheroine Videocast: Amazing Spider-Man #547 & Robin #170

Today on the vidcast I review:

Amazing Spider-Man #547
Robin #170


  1. I love these!!! Please keep doing them!

    So, BND is truly as bad as I've been hearing. How is JJJ losing the Bugle dramatic? Spider-man will just ask his best friend, Satan, to return it to him as part of the marriage deal. I'm so glad I stopped reading the majority of superhero comics if this shit passes as storytelling nowadays!

    So, this isn't meant to be snarky, but a comment you made has me curious about something. You said Robin would be a perfect book for teens. Do teens even read comic books anymore? I've lived in 10 different cities in the past 10 years and had a regular store in each, and I was always the youngest customer they had. I'm 31. As far as I know, there is no younger generation reading comic books. Is there a teen readership out there? With the shrinking total sales numbers each year, there almost can't be, can there?

  2. There's a teen readership, it's just smaller these days. Heck, I started reading comics at 13 and I'm 20 now.

  3. That was a real awesome, excellent review.

    Looks like Chuck Dixon's been on teh internets, huh ?

    But what happened to your iconic Marvel Legends figures shelf backdrop ?

  4. These are pretty cool.
    Your regular entries are already really good, but you outdo yourself with these reviews.

    Aaaand with that said, I subscribed and favourited.

  5. "My dead girlfriend didn't get a trophy case in the Batcave - maybe if I hadn't waited four fucking years to even give it a passing thought I could have said something to Bruce, but y'know, I guess I'm thinking about it now for one whole panel... sooooo yeah, I feel vindicated. And I totally bet Violet isn't my African-American study-buddy. That would just be soooooo lame."

    Chuck D gets a lot of flak because of his opinions on homosexuality, but I've yet to read any of his books where these opinions have crept into the writing. He's a straight-up pro from what I've seen, and his Robin run was probably the only time the character has been consistent - even in the face of multi-book crossovers and his (then) Young Justice appearances. I'll actually start reading this title again if he's on board for a lengthy run.

    As for Spidey, I'll not be reading this because the guy I borrow it from has quit reading the book in disgust at the whole New Day/More Day thing, which I actually think is kinda funny? But it means I can't read the damn comic anymore - I do actually want to read the book, I'm just not prepared to pay for it. The first part was okay, though.

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  7. There's teens reading comics still. Well, at least for the most part. I'm 17 and I've been reading for about a year or so now. Although, I do admit I don't see many teens at my local store.

  8. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Oh, so that's why Dixon got fired. Okay. Clear's that up.