Friday, January 04, 2008

Fangirl Fridays: State-Of-The-Blog Address

(pictures courtesy of my bloated "past blog posts" image folder. Try and spot your faves!)

Readers, friends, associates, lurkers, assorted dignitaries,

E-mail and Comments Back-Up
I just spent four hours last night sorting through the e-mail on my Google account alone. There has to be a system. I've hit upon one that incorporates labels, daily reminders, filters, and designated daily "e-mail time." Related to that last point, I've also had to hide the Blackberry.

Keep in mind that I welcome all e-mails, etc., but sometimes it takes me a while to get to everything because I've got this blog, regular work, writing work, Friends of Lulu, etc to do.

If I haven't responded yet to your message or comment, I'm really really sorry. I'm backed up. But know that I've got this awesome system in place and I should be up-to-date and ready to roll by the end of the weekend. If that fails, I will be under my bed reading old issues of "Captain Carrot" with a flashlight.

As always, I really do appreciate your support and participation. As I've said before, blogs are only as good as its regular readers (though irregular readers and just the plain fickle are also welcome).
Where do I see this blog going?
After speaking to several "entities" about the future of the blog and possible support/backing/acquiring, I have really come to the conclusion that unless I can do exactly what I'm doing now -- just like this, just like what you've been reading -- I don't want to mess with the blog or make any deals. Though the tone of the blog has its ebbs and flows of warm fuzziness and snark (curiously but not conclusively linked to my hormonal cycle), it has a general "voice." I'd like to maintain that.

"Reader of the Week"
Okay, here is a feature I talked about but didn't implement yet. Basically, you fill out this questionnaire, add a photo or avatar, e-mail it back, and then become "reader of the week" (or day). Actually, there is a scientific selection process involved. Actually, there is no selection process. Actually, just don't include anything that is going to offend and we should be fine.

"Reader of the Week" Questionnaire:

Location: (optional)
Occupation: (optional)
Website/blog: (optional)
Comics you read:
Fave artist:
Fave writer:
Fave character:
First comic you ever read:
Your favorite comic book "memory": (either related to comics or actually in a comic)
Most frustrating comic book "moment":
Where/how do you buy your comics?:
Floppies or trades?:
Marvel or DC?:
Star Wars or Star Trek?:
Non-comic book hobbies:
Personal motto:
How did you start reading "Occasional Superheroine?":

The "Occasional Previews" Section
Some people have been asking to bring back the section where I talk about what books I will be buying this week. Suggestion noted, and I will try to bring this section back.

Review Copies/Previews
I spend about 15-30 bucks on comics a week. A portion of that has been buying books that I either know I will probably hate but feel I must review for topicality's sake, or simply sampling new titles that I feel are "relevant." I'm debating whether to discontinue this practice and just stick to the titles I know and love. The problem is, this makes for a boring review section. That said, I am open to receiving review copies/PDFs/previews. Please inquire at this e-mail regarding this.

"Occasional Interviews"
Conducting interviews take up a lot of time, and I do them at my discretion. E-mail interviews are easier, in-person are more effective but the transcribing is a long process. I can't promise a regular interview section, especially as I start my full-time job. That said, I am open to suggestions for interviews and will try to get them in when I have time.

Any Other Suggestions For The Site
I'm like Dumbo: all ears. :-)

...that's all I can think of at the moment. I gotta go back to catchin' up after the holidays. At least I took down the tree!


  1. I definitely think you should stop buying titles that you buy only to stay "topical." The worst punishment for putting out shit is not having people buy it. Burst the bubble that says fans will swallow anything; I think that is the right message to send. If you publish garbage, I won't buy it nor will I advertise for it. YES.

  2. Want much-stachio.

    & I would have been fine with BOOBIES EVERYWHERE ULTRON NOW WITH JUDO CHOP if her name had been JOCASTA.

  3. You can probably stay current by just lurking at scans daily...

  4. You should keep up your tremendous multi-post per day schedule. It is excellent that you manage to bring both quantity and quality.