Monday, January 14, 2008

Will Nick Fury Be Replaced By Ultimate Nick Fury?

This one has been on my mind for a while, and I base it on nothing but the Ultimate version of Nick Fury's (or, as he's known, "Samuel L. Jackson") appearance in the Marvel movies and now toys.

First, Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury in the upcoming Iron Man movie. Then, I heard that he's making an appearance in the new Incredible Hulk movie as well. While the universe in those films is not the explicit Ultimate universe, the choice of Jackson seems to denote an Ultimate version Fury (a character that was designed to look like the actor).

Now, while browsing through Hasbro's Marvel Super Hero Squad website, I see an upcoming Nick Fury figure -- in the Ultimate, Samuel L. Jackson style!

To be fair, there are a number of figures in that kid's toy line that are Ultimized, such as Giant Man.

But, I do wonder if one day the popular Ultimates Nick Fury will "replace" in some form the Marvel Universe Fury -- if only to have the comics fit more with the movies.

Would hardcore Fury fans balk at this?

I wouldn't mind the change; I'm fine with the Ultimates Fury. But, I am not a hardcore Nick Fury fan.


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    It looks like that is actually an Ultimate Cap as well (, so Ultimate Nick Fury makes sense in this toy context...

    But your greater point I could see, unifying movies and comics, and everyone loves Sam Jackson. But in the 616 Universe, how would Marvel explain 'regular' Fury being replaced? Outside of some horrendous 'Black Punisher'-type shenanigans...?

  2. I love me some Nick "Mother Fucking" Fury and would love the change. Marvel needs a lot more diversity in their lineup as a whole anyway and I think Ultimate Fury kicking out Hasselhof Fury is a good thing.

  3. I say call him Nik Furee and then you can have both characters exist!

    I kind of like the old Fury and would be sad to see him go (even though I hardly read Marvel).

    Maybe Marvel will get rid of the Ultimate U and just roll in all of the changes they like into the "616"

  4. It will turn out that Mephisto did it as part of his deal with Peter Parker and Mary Jane -- just like bringing back Harry Osborn...

    And here everyone thought Superboy (oops, make that SuperMAN) Prime punching the walls of reality was stupid.

  5. I've been saying this for a while: "Ultimate Power" established universe crossing & in the last issue established character swapping. The way I see it, "Ultimate Confrontation" or whatever is going to be the same thing for the 616. Me? I'm hoping it is a merge. Nick Fury remains the WWII guy, but...turns into Sam Jackson. Nick looks down at his hands & says "huh." Then continuity moves on.

    I'm also thinking Ultimate Confrontation (that is what is going to be called, right?) provides a nice little escape hatch for OMD/BND...IF PEOPLE STOP BUYING IT!

  6. Robert,

    Well said. The potential of the continuity hi-jinx with Mephisto is limitless. Since he's doing solid by his boy, Spider-Man, why not just have him toss in a few more favors like making Nick Fury into the Ultimates version? I love how the Big Two editors are woefully clueless to how much of a self-parody they've made their product into. Good times!


    "But in the 616 Universe, how would Marvel explain 'regular' Fury being replaced? Outside of some horrendous 'Black Punisher'-type shenanigans...?"

    Mephisto! He's the WD-40 of Marvel continuity fixes!

    Anyway, on a serious note, I think most of the Avengers' Superhero Squadron figures are Ultimate versions. To the best of my knowledge, there's an Ultimate Cap, Iron Man, Giant Man, and, I think, Wasp. The Hulk could be used as an Ultimates version, too.

  7. Wow. Sam Jackson looks like a mean MF even in whacked out deformed kid-friendly plastic. Wow.

  8. Marvel just needs to hit the reset button (ever notice PCs don't come with those anymore?).

    Has anyone ever had the "wolverine's mutant powers" conversation with a group on non-comic book readers? follow me for a sec...

    Everytime a comic movie or a book gets some national press my friends will ask me about it. I'm happy to babble about comics for a few minutes, and share anything I know. One night at the Outback Steakhouse some friends were asking about X-Men 2 and we started talking about Wolverine. Someone asked what his powers are and I start listing off healing, claws, heightened senses, etc. But then someone who used to read comics comes at me with "well the claws aren't his mutant power those were given to him". Then I have to spend the next 10 minutes explaining how he lost his claws discovered they were made of bone, and then he got back his metal claws. What I was left with was a group of friends that were dumbfounded by how confusing comics can be.

    Making Nick Fury a black guy after 45 years of howling commandos action just reminds me of having to explain wolverine's bone claws.

  9. Kevin: No one should ever have to explain those hideous bone claws to another human being. You have my sympathies.

  10. Nick Fury fans would take to the streets(of the internet) if they did this change. There's still grumblings about the Garth Ennis Max series from five years ago. Which was great, by the way. The two characters are really very different in every way but the name. Bendis and Loeb have gone out of their way to make Ultimate Fury a pretty slimey and untrustworthy guy.

  11. I would mind a lot, I like the old-school Nick Fury way more as the new one.

  12. Would hardcore Fury fans balk at this?

    All 2 of them?

  13. Waitaminute. They're making a kids toy of Ultimate Wifebeater Giant Man?

    (As opposed to the regular adult toy, I mean. ^_^

  14. As long as the regular Marvel Universe continues to exist, they'll keep Nick Fury the way he is. After all, he's in awesome shape for a 90-year-old man.

  15. Anyway, on a serious note, I think most of the Avengers' Superhero Squadron figures are Ultimate versions.

    My son has an almost complete set of Superhero Squad figures. (Even if he doesn't realize it - his collector father certainly does.) There are a mix of both Ultimate and 616 figures - Cap and Ultimate Cap, Iron Man and Ultimate Iron Man, Ultimate Giant Man and Ant-Man - but the 616 figures far outnumber the Ultimate. (There's also a 616 Hawkeye, Wasp, Hulk, War Machine, Black Panther, USA Agent, Thor, and Loki and that's just the Avengers figures.) I'm planning on staging my own Superhero Squad Civil War at some point.

    I'm also hoping for a Mephisto-Mary Jane two-pack at some point.

  16. I have to say that I prefer the Steranko Fury over ALL other Fury's and so am ok with the S. Jackson version based on my liking Sam Jackson. As there will never be another Steranko Fury it's all good. Ah wouldn't it be kool if the Steranko Fury came back?!?

  17. I like both Furys, but they can stay in their respective universes, I think.

    Then again, you could have a period where Fury underwent cosmetic surgery to conceal his ID and looked like Ultimate Fury (sort of like Mach I did...ah. my geek cred is showing...)

  18. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Check the recent issue of Mighty Avengers, where Fury is using a holographic disguise (like the ones Nightcrawler and Beast use when "mingling" in public over in the X-Men books). He disguises himself as... Ultimate Fury. lol