Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Should Be On The OS Hot List This Week?

What comic news moved you?

Is there a hot artist or writer who deserves attention this week?

What comic is burning up the charts?

I'm open to suggestions, the list goes up tomorrow!


  1. Batman #673. Not only is it the usual Morrison mind-bender, but he throws the Girl Wonder camp some serious bones.

  2. obviously some eighty year old yorrick brown hotness.

  3. Spider-Bitch! I have my whole office saying it now. Whenever someone reacts in a way someone else feels is over the line, we call them a "Spider-Bitch." It's *really* catchy and fun to say and now it has me hoping Millar wasn't joking and indeed does have a character named that!

    (Yes, I'm going to run this into the ground! It's waaay too much fun!)

  4. I agree, Ambush Bug.

    Second--Vaughan and Y the Last Man getting more press than the new Captain America.

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  6. I third this notion - Ambush Bug, Ambush Bug, Ambush Bug!

    Plus, Vaughan. Dude's on freakin' now, for pete's sake.

  7. I'm also going to add New Avengers #2, if for no other reason than the 5% of people on the web who quietly said, "Trust in Bendis" were *right*!!!!

  8. Considering that I sobbed through the entire second half of Y: The Last Man #60, I'm going to have to say "totes Bucky-is-Cap!!"

    (/sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell)

  9. You should be reading the black adam miniseries. The last issue was absolute GOLD!!! What a fantasticly written miniseries with a great ending!