Thursday, January 17, 2008

Occasional Links: The "I Can Make You An Iron Man" Edition

User NORM on the forum The Fwoosh presents this set of customized action figures from Marvel's Alias comic book:

The "Superman Code"

I'm sure you've heard by now the basic theory some folklorists have that Superman is a "Christ-like" comic book figure (Krypton's only son, etc.)

But now one blogger has extended that theory, DaVinci-code like, to include one of the most famous religious paintings of all time. The "evidence":

Note the similarity in color choices in their outfits.


The Magnum Code

Was there a Magnum PI/Quantum Leap crossover planned?

According to Wikipedia:

"A crossover with Magnum, P.I. (also produced by Donald Bellisario) was planned, in which Sam would leap into Thomas Magnum himself. Plans for a Magnum, P.I.Magnum, P.I.. Some consider that if this situation had Sam leaping into Magnum rather than Tom Selleck the actor, this would have
created a continuity issue..." movie (later aborted) led to the crossover being canceled, although some footage was filmed, including the initial leaping in sequence, usually put at the end of the preceding episode (the "Oh boy…" bit). This featured Scott Bakula, dressed in Magnum's classic red Aloha shirt, turning towards the camera and comically raising his eyebrows, just as Tom Selleck does at the end of the opening credits to Magnum, P.I.. Some consider that if this situation had Sam leaping into Magnum rather than Tom Selleck the actor, this would have created a continuity issue...

I would say it'd be a continuity issue! If you had Law and Order's Detective Munch appear, I think the fabric of the universe would implode.

The Peanuts Code

The AAUGH blog points out another possible pop-culture conspiracy...

Consider the following Peanuts cartoon:

Does that boy look familiar?

Does THIS refresh your memory:

CONSPIRACY! The only African-American character in the Peanuts recolored white for a British reprint?

A simple printing error? Or -- CONSPIRACY?!

Hero of the Beach

This excellent Scan Daily post recounts a trio of Charles Atlas parody ads inspired by this Mini Marvels Iron Man cartoon...

Video: Disney's "Where The Wild Things Are"

Did you know that Disney animated "Where The Wild Things Are?" Well, they did. for like 30 seconds.


  1. Alias Action figures! That's awesome. And they used a "Faith the Vampire Slayer" body for Jessica Jones? How strangely apropos.

    And sneaking Detective Munch into anything is wonderful, if only to expand the amazing dream bubble of the omnipotent autistic child. :D I want a Detective Munch cameo in Powers, just to screw with people's heads.

  2. oh crap alias toys. they are, in fact, "crescent fresh."

    i am so sleepy. black wizard needs stimulants badly!

  3. To be a little nit-picky, the three Charles Atlas ad parodies were all published BEFORE the Mini Marvels cartoon, so the inspiration process worked the other way around.

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  5. Superman is a Moses figure... man people are dumb