Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Announcing The Occasional Superheroine Hot List!


The arbiter of all that is currently hot in comics, a list of ten of them, updated every week.

Debuting Wednesday, I'm totally open to suggestions.

What's HOT this week???!


  1. The Patriots!!! They're currently 18-0 and with one more win, they win the Super Bowl!

    Tom Brady! NFL MVP...but he had 3 INTs last week....

    But the only hot thing I can think of this week is The Patriots. (Dammit! I'm going to *really* miss football season....)

  2. "Eve: The Vampire Diva #2". Until I saw the title, I hadn't realized that "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" was actually ambiguous -- it could mean either "Buffy, who is a slayer of vampires" or "Buff, who is a vampire who slays." As best I could figure out from #1, Eve, The Vampire Diva is, in fact, a Vampire who slays. Who does she slay? Well, I'm not really sure, but I think the answer is "Other Vampires."

    I'm not sure why, which is why I'm looking forward to #2. My best guess now is that it's sort of a Tonto thing -- Tonto=Good; All Other Injuns = Bad.

  3. Even though I am resolved not to read it after One More Day there has to be a place for Brand New Day on there since people are still talking about it. The Dan Slott/Newsarama board battle mentioned on LITG is pretty funny as well.

    Also, I don't know if this qualifies as hot or not but I just read Marvel is cancelling The Order with #10. For my money The Order is the best Marvel title not named Immortal Iron Fist so I'm personally pretty hot (aka super pissed off) that they are cancelling it.

  4. Marvel is cancelling The Order??? BND is being published and The Order is cancelled??? This is a perfect example of why I hate both Marvel and DC. I truly hope the Big Two crash and take the direct market with them.

    I'm in shock. Well, fanboy shock. I am serious about wanting DC, Marvel, and the direct market going out of business. I sure don't have any use for them.

  5. Dinosaurs are going to be the new zombies (the undead are officially five minutes ago). See the creation of Symbiote Dinosaurs in Deadpool right now and the Ka-Zar story in Marvel Comics Presents. DINOSAURS!

  6. I've got to go with Left on Mission, the trade-paper back from Boom comics. It is an outstanding spy story.