Thursday, January 24, 2008

Occasional Links: The Broken Computer Edition

Last night:
"Honey, my laptop stopped working."
"Did you try to rebooting it?"
"Several times."
"Well give it ten minutes and go back to it."

Two minutes later:
"Sweetheart, that wasn't ten minutes."
"It shouldn't have to wait ten minutes."
"Stop pressing that button."
"It should work, darn it!"

Three hours later:
"Sweetheart, go to bed."
"It should work, darn it!"
"Stop pressing that button."

6:30 the following morning:
"Honey, the computer still won't work."
"I'll need to borrow your computer."
"I'm going to troubleshoot it."

"Baby, how's that troubleshooting coming along?"
"Well, it says we need to just insert the startup disc while rebooting."
"Uh...I don't think we can do that."
"There's a disc in there already."
"A computer disc?"
"No, an audio disc. Of that all-girl Medieval yodeling band. I put it in there because I thought it would help the computer shake its malaise."
"It's bad, isn't it?"

"I finally got the disc out."
"Did you use the paperclip?"

"So sweetheart, what-say we try reformatting that other laptop you had?"
"The one with the viruses all over it?"
"That's the one."
"What about my Mac?"
"The Mac is going to have to go to the shop."

"So you have ANOTHER laptop?!"
"Three laptops, yeah."
"How do you have three laptops?"
"Well...they break."

"You know, this was totally preventable. You could have downloaded a tiny little file months ago."
"I love you."

Oh, and to make it "legal" -- here's a link:
Apple Macbook Support


  1. My Mac laptop died last night, too. I was paralyzed 4 years ago and even though I've put all the effort I have into walking again, I more hobble around. Well, last night while walking with my cup of hot chocolate, my left leg just gave out and I fell, watching my hot chocolate fly out and soak my laptop. It still runs, but the network card and sound card are dead, at the least. I haven't had the heart to look at what else is wrong yet.

    I honestly didn't wake up today thinking I'd have any opportunity to share my grief in context, but then I read your blog! YAY! Thank you, Val!

  2. Hmm, Apple comes out with a new, ultra-thin laptop and, all of a sudden, old Mac laptops across the country start breaking. Coincidence...OR SOMETHING MORE!!!

  3. What was the CD? Anonymous 4?


  4. Tech support at home... that's the worse.

    I have half a dozen computers at home. Only one works reliably. My 4 year old Powerbook.

  5. My sympathies! Both of the laptops I had seemed to spend more time broken than not. And of course laptops are more difficult to fix. I can only imagine what this must be like if it's a Mac as well.

    Cheap desktop PCs for the win!