Sunday, January 13, 2008

Occasional Superheroine Reader Profile: P FAZ

Name: p faz

Location: Varese, ITALY

Occupation: Lab technician for a chemical auxiliaries factory

Comics you read: Almost everything by Marvel, a lot of DC and some Image & indies. All in Italian version except for Showcase presents & Essentials. (I used to read original editions way back during mid 80’s to 1990)

Fave artist: Aargh, it’s hard to name just one! (same for next question), let’s say John Romita JR., dynamic and great storytelling!

Fave writer: An outsider here, Will Pfeifer for his H.E.R.O. and Catwoman. I’ve still got to read Amazons Attack, not sure I will anyway but let’s think that he has to pay bills somehow…I'm curious about his "Sub Diego" Aquaman stories which will be published here shortly.

Fave character: A close match between Howard the Duck and Spiderman for Marvel, Flash for DC ( it’s too bad here in Italy we only had a glimpse of his adventures after the end of the Waid run which didn’t comprehend the Johns run and the “OYL” issues were really awful). I really liked the kid from the Street Angel trade.

First comic you ever read: Tough guess…. I’ve been reading comics since forever, must have been a Disney comic. I remember my first superhero comic better, the Amazing issues when Pete was sick with an ulcer and had to use an exoskeleton and a fake spidey mask without lens. For a ten year old kid used to classic adventure/funny stories this was really something else, super-melodrama!

Your favorite comic book "memory": (either related to comics or actually in a comic) Going with my niece to a comic book convention…it was her first time and although it was a small and not so special show her enthusiasm was really fantastic and made it unique for me! Parents bring your kids to comics conventions, it’s a great way for them to learn how to choose and stay in budget limits and it’s tons & tons of fun (even if you will not be able to attend the neverending 1km waiting line for an autograph of your favourite artist…)

Most frustrating comic book "moment": A balloon in the old Invaders series had the Torch saying: “this is how you fight a war, hating !”(the enemy). That was in the Italian edition at least and I found it really disturbing

Where/how do you buy your comics?: Comic shops, a little one near where I live for weekly shopping or sometimes the bigger ones in Milan for titles harder to find. No internet shopping for me, I prefer the thrill of the hunt, spending time travelling & finding my comics.

Floppies or trades?: There are few Italian editions that have both so there’s not really a choice. If I had a choice it would be floppies for a few favourites (the ones I follow “no matter what”) and trades for title I follow occasionally. It’s too easy to praise trades ‘cause that’s the target format for comics these days but for Me, I still like the floppies…

Marvel or DC?: Marvel, I like the humanity of their characters and although both exceed in sensationalism lately, they seem to have more sense in their approach than DC.

Star Wars or Star Trek?: Not a great fan of sci-fi, I’d say Star Wars.

Non-comic book hobbies: Jogging, being a good uncle, follow sports on tv and internet.

Personal motto: “It’s not pessimism, it’s realism” but I really have to find a new one in 2008!

How did you start reading "Occasional Superheroine?": I read about it in another net column (Lying in the Gutters) and since “Goodbye to Comics” I’ve been a regular reader.
I think your point of view on the actual comics scene is one of the most intriguing thanks to the unique combination of professionality, passion and knowledge


  1. ciao Mordicai,
    no, I'm not a big fan of Bonelli comics, I have a few DDog but I prefer Nathan Never or Julia (NN had a Dark Horse edition while I'm not sure you know Julia).
    Dylan Dog is quite good but not my kind of reading!

    bye, faz

  2. To be truthful, it isn't like I'm a Dylan Dog fan either. I just got some from a friend who went on vacation to Italy, & have subsequently gotten a kick out of talking about them with Italian comic fans...mostly because they're always stunned that I've ever heard of DD.