Monday, January 21, 2008

Occasional Links: The Is This Gratuitous Edition

Playboy On Comic Book Sex Symbols

From the Playboy blog:
"It’s our cover, and while we don’t feel the need to explain in detail our thought process, perhaps a step back is warranted. The story is called “Sex in America.” Wonder Woman is sexy. Her costume is red, white and blue, and she has stars on her hot pants – it suggests the American flag almost as much as Captain America’s does. But we like to put women on our covers, so Steve Rogers is SOL in this case."

(found through Journalista)

Beware, folks: this is the nexus-point between where When Fangirls Attack and Playboy meet in the blogosphere! Comets and small asteroids get pulled in by the tractor beam of their conjunction and crushed into those little smooth pebbles you get with those good-luck bamboo stalks.

Topless "Superman" Stunt Gets Singer Banned

Seems that going topless -- even for men -- is a violation against local broadcasting standards.

Wondering what part the big Supes logo had in the furor.

Chest Implants On The Rise...For Men

Speaking of men of steel, Fox News reports:

There were 409 pectoral implant procedures performed in 2006, a 99 percent increase over 2005, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

You know, Fox News should do one of those "crisis" special reports on men getting the implants. Like:
"Our World In Turmoil: Pectoral Implants!"
"Are Men Getting Too Damn Pretty? What Does It Mean? Are Our Children At Risk?"

"Terrorism and Pec Implants: The Next Weapon Of Mass Destruction?"

In A Dark Alley, No One Can See Your Fishnets

The first promo pictures of Black Canary on Smallville have been released...

And Ragnell gives her a thumbs-up for realism & plausibility:

The makeup mask is interesting idea. If she has some quick way to smear it on like a spray or something like a solid rouge applicator (one of those big old-fashioned round bars that you could just smear circles on your cheeks with), it makes for a good quick change and won't fall off. But makeup like that doesn't seem to obscure the face very well. I suppose you could say it's a distraction. Between it and the fishnets and the dark alley no one is going to be able to properly describe her. She must have to carry wipes to clean it off.

In other news, this still sucks:

Desperately Seeking Lynda

Megan Gale talks about playing the world's most famous Wonder Woman in the now-delayed Justice League film.

"People used to tell me I looked like Lynda Carter."

As an aside, go Google "Megan Gale" in Google Image Search sometime (with SafeSearch Preferences Off)

Go on, I'll wait.

Now go Google Search "Lynda Carter Bobby Jo."

Go on, I'll wait.

Yes, today's "Occasional Links" has, in a sense, come full circle.

(Sorry, Keri Russell, new voice of the cartoon Wonder Woman, just has a tasteful nude-but-you-see-nothing Vanity Fair shot.)

Wonder Woman On "The OC"
Video: This Never Happens In Real Life, Folks, Unless You Are Some Big Time Comic Book Writer Or Perhaps Charlie Sheen


  1. Black Canary kinda of looks like that replicant that Daryl Hanna played in Blade Runner.

  2. Getting linked in the Playboy blog definitely ranks among the five most surreal experiences of my life to date.

  3. I've said it (and posted it) before and I'll say it again... Black Canary looks more like Navin R. Johnson's motorcycle stuntwoman girlfriend Patty Bernstein from The Jerk.

  4. Er, that BC looks kind of... lousy. I'm not sure what I don't like about it, but the whole thing looks like a cheap halloween costume rather than something you'd expect to see on a studio shoot.