Thursday, January 03, 2008

Spider-Man "Brand New Day" Preview Pages

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Peter Parker: hipster, slacker, lover, fighter, moocher, loveable loser. Nerd but if Johnny Depp was a nerd; he may not bathe every day or have a job but women still find him attractive. Not a true nerd. Nerd-lite.

Most wanting to hit:
I don't mean "hit" like "I'd hit that" or "he's hittable" but "I would hit him with a stick."

Yeah, that's right, Harry.

I immediately dislike Harry. Bad influence. Robert Downey Jr. in Less Than Zero. You know what I mean.

And who is that mysterious new superheroine with the great butt?


  1. A redhead with bad fashion sense named "Jackpot"

    Gee, who do you think it is?

  2. This splash pages gives out a modern DC Comics feel. And when I say that, I mean a stupid rehash of idiotic Silver Age crap which I would laugh at because it was a product of its time and were catering toward kids and now cry because Silver Age bullshit is running around the DCU only this time murder and rape are the cause and solutions to everything it's related to.

    Bad play, big red M.

    Aunt May will be raped by Absorbing Man. I just know it.

  3. Well, despite my dislike of OMD and whatnot, I've got to say, for a gratuitous butt shot of MJ/Jackpot, it looks more like what a skin-tight outfit would look like as opposed to every curve and crevice detailed out.

  4. Forget who Jackpot is, the more important question is: How on earth does she pull off those flares on a jumpsuit? Wow!

    Johnny Depp is too a nerd. Don't take my daydreams away from me.

    The "Macking on Ms Girls Gone Wild" bit reminds me of my 15th favouritist Cat and Girl strip:

  5. I'm confused... how exactly is a pathetic, unemployed loser that still lives with his parental figure in his late twenties a relatable 'Everyman'?

    If I was one of these mythical 10to18 years old new readers that this story was created for, I'd be rather insulted that someone thinks that's the sort of character I'd relate with.

  6. Why did all of this have to become cannon? This reads way too much like a alternative reality comic.

    By the way Peter (IMO) now seems more like a stereotypical comic book fanboy then a nerd.

    Plus if I wanted to see Peter trying to get a job I could simply watch Spider-Man 2 again.

  7. I'll be the first to admit that I believe this retcon is just writers moving the goalposts because they're out of ideas, but the ire directed at this story is quite amusing - it's a story, just like any other. The fanboys will buy all the books just so they can bitch about them, and then be frothing at the mouth about something else before too long, then this will be retconned and everyone will turn on Marvel again and go "--and just when the new status quo was starting to grow on me, they pull this bullshit! I'm never buying another Marvel book again! And Joe Q is a homophobe - no I don't have - or need - proof!"
    And then they'll froth at the mouth about the retcon and buy all the books just so they can bitch about them and then complain that everything going back to the way they wanted it to have stayed in the first place isn't what they want now.
    Comics are cool.
    Comics fans are funny.

  8. This BND preview panel really seems to encapsulate Marvel's attitude to the fans best:


    (in case this fails to work again, the URL ends

  10. Don't encourage them by talking about it! We need to pretend it isn't happening so that it goes away, like the clones, to become Bendis one-liners. "Oh yeah? I've got clonnes," will soon become "oh yeah? I sold my soul to the devil once. Seemed like a good idea at the time."

  11. Am I the only person finding it hard to place these Brand New Day stuff along side other contemporary comics in respects to continuity. This stuff looks like it should be happening in the past, not the present.

  12. McNiven's art is always superb.

    Still, do not want. Hipster Parker seems like a bit of a dumb fuck, the type of mooch friend you just want to slap in the face and say, "Hey! Dumb fuck! Get your shit together!"

    I guess we all have a friend or two like that so in that sense, he's somewhat relatable, just not very likeable.


  13. Art looks great. But Peter's a crappy kisser. Blech - dead fish. I thought Harry looked pretty good. Beautiful expressions, and his hair *almost* makes sense.

    However, it doesn't matter much because PETER'S CHEATING ON HIS WIFE!!! (three exclamation marks for emphasis)(!!!) ... 'Cause I'm in denial about OMD.

    Not gonna buy it.

  14. Wait, "I *heart* MODOK Val" is adorable. Rad.

  15. "Comics are cool.
    "Comics fans are funny."

    Hmmm ...

    Comic pundits who complain about comic fans complaining are ... well ... I dunno ...

  16. Actually, Jackpot is secretly my younger sister. She is going through a phase...I hope. Still, I worry about her.

    There is a line of thinking that states: "There is no such thing as bad publicity." Just saying, yeah, its not my cup of tea - could we just ignore it and talk about something else? Like maybe...Countdown? (I kid...I kid.)

  17. I already kind of hate Harry too, which makes me sad because he was always my favorite supporting character. Also, Deodato really needs to stop using famous actors as models.

  18. Even though I'm pretty much done with the superhero scene (damn, you, Brubaker & Fraction for making Iron Fist so good!), I read the One More Day comics because I've been reading Spidey all along because I like the way JMS tells a tale. Anyway, it was a fundamentally crappy story and I don't think anyone's disputing that. So, I understand the outrage and feelings of betrayal here. According to Quesada's interview at CBR, he expected the amount of rage currently on display, so I'm guessing he understands it, too.

    Even though I'm not Quesada, I would think the smart thing to do would be to follow up a story you know will be hated for betraying the audience with your absolute best story possible to try to win the audience back in your corner. Those Brand New Day pages *suck*. It reads like a 40 year old's attempt at trying to be hip and cool with the kids, not like a genuine attempt at trying to tell a good story.

  19. Dan, I get into constant arguments with my friend over who to hate more, Didio or Quesada. I claim the latter, in that Countdown is just bad (so I say; at least SOME FANS- you- like it) while Civil War & One More Day are outright offensive & do actual HURT to the story.

    S'just what I say.

    I don't really remember his rebuttal. We're usually having a few friendly drinks.

  20. I have to say OMD is probably the most offensive, slap in the face to comics fans I have ever read.

    And god was it bad!! I mean seriously, the end to OMD was just plain bad comics and I felt like I was teleported back 30 years ago, which is a place I do not want to be.

    I am done. Fuck Spiderman, I dropped it the moment I finished that issue.

    I am going to stick to my X-books and my New Avengers for now on.

    Messiah CompleX is fucking good right now. And Thor is good.

    But Spiderman is done. I don't want to read about a guy tryin to get boobies when he had a wife I really liked.

  21. I dropped Spider-Man after the whole Norman Osborn O-Face with Gwen Stacy debacle. I picked up the first issue of OMD, but even my acquisitive collector instincts couldn't bring me to purchasing the other 3 parts after the drivel in that issue.

  22. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Spider-Man is better than ever these days! Every issue I read is a smart, funny, self-contained read with exciting fight scenes, great one-liners, and well-written characterization. I don't get all this hate for...

    ...oh. You guys aren't talking about 'Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man'? You're talking about...'Amazing Spider-Man'? They still publish that ****?

    Never mind.

  23. I was pretty psyched for Brand New Day when it was announced-- I love weekly comics pacing, the writers sounded good, and it felt like a clean jumping-on point.

    After reading the preview, I think I'll hold off. This is cold, uninspired stuff. There's no real sense of fun there. Instead the story is counting off the beats of a formula, and there seems to be the strange expectation that each beat of that formula should wring tremendous excitement from us, the readers.

    Maybe once BND settles in to its groove and gets out of "Look! This is like Spidey books from 1983, only Peter knows about the internet!", it'll be a fun read. For now it seems like a bit of a waste of time.

  24. Y'know, honestly, if I wanted to experience Peter Parker the non-hero living with his mom-surrogate and failing to get a steady job to save his life, I'd put down the comic book and take a long, hard look at reality instead.

    And if this is the new editorial direction, you know what? That's not such a bad idea.

  25. anyone know of an online petition to save the marriage or something? i think everyone should send in something to marvel like they did to save jericho with the peanuts or something.

    everyone send in garder bands or plastic wedding rings or something to marvel to say dont fuck up spiderman anymore!

  26. "I'm confused... how exactly is a pathetic, unemployed loser that still lives with his parental figure in his late twenties a relatable 'Everyman'?"

    -- I think that's who the purveyors of pop-culture currently think enthusiasts of fantasy entertainment are. It's the 40-Year-Old Virgin meets Chuck.

  27. ""Oh yeah? I've got clonnes," will soon become "oh yeah? I sold my soul to the devil once. Seemed like a good idea at the time.""

    -- they have T-shirts with that saying, right?

    Actually, now they have T-shirts that say something like "It's magic it's not supposed to make sense" or something like that. I don't know if there is a copyright on that saying or not.

  28. "This stuff looks like it should be happening in the past, not the present."

    -- I get a much younger vibe from this Peter Parker. Say, Twentysomething instead of Thirtysomething.

  29. "However, it doesn't matter much because PETER'S CHEATING ON HIS WIFE!!! "

    Seems like one of those questions only the Pope can definitively answer --

    "Pope, if you make a deal with Mephisto does that officially annul the marriage in the eyes of God?"

    "say 56 Hail Marys"


  30. "could we just ignore it and talk about something else? Like maybe...Countdown? "

    (scoots over to solicitation info for latest Countdowns)

    wherez the covers & copy? I needs something to riff off of.

    see, Harry's hair and Jackpot's butt-shot, I can riff off of that.

  31. "Norman Osborn O-Face"

    --imagery, imagery

  32. Ohhh my frigging' god

    this is wonderfull. Peter is not a married man anymore. he is a loser who lives with his aunt and dreams about wild-girls.


    And MJ is a sey licensed supergirl

    Wake me up next century pleease

  33. I've been thinking about this a lot, and now, long after everyone else has left the room and stopped caring, I realized what's wrong with these preview pages, and what the vibe is that we're all getting that's skeeving us out.

    We're reading about Milhouse's dad.

    I mean, sure, Quesada says, "There was no divorce, there was just a big shift in reality and they were never married," but that's not flying in the subconscious of the new writer. He can't help but look at Peter and see a newly-divorced guy picking up the pieces of his life after a long-term break-up, and he's writing him like that. So there's this huge disconnect between what we're being told to believe, and what we're seeing, and we can't reconcile the two.

    (There's also a strong tone of forced humor to the whole thing, as though Dan Slott (it is Slott, right?) knows that he's following up the single most-hated storyline in Spider-Man history, and is overcompensating for what he knows is a very hostile audience. But mainly it's the whole divorce thing.)

  34. "Comic pundits who complain about comic fans complaining are ... well ... I dunno ..."

    Yeah, it's like complaining the sky is blue and water is too wet.
    But hey - it keeps us all out of trouble.

  35. Is anyone else kinda skeeved by that openning splash page of Pete macking?

    I mean, consider myself a pretty lenient fanboy: rape/mutilate/murder my favorite characters, I grumble but try and make room for change. Retcon their origins so that their skeezy uncle molested them as a kid, and i try to accept it as canon. I give writers the benefit of the doubt when they try and radically revolutionize characters because, after all, it's a really shit job to come in and write a character that has been around longer than you have and be expected to have a "fresh, unique perspective." If a writer does something to a character i don't like, i like to think i whine and stew for a bit, but then move on to read something which doesn't rape my dreams.

    But maybe, JUST MAYBE, they could have eased us into "single Pete" a bit more... delicately? I mean, up until last month, Peter had been a MARRIED MAN, and a supremely faithful husband for like 20 YEARS. That's basically my life span. And then to open the very next book with him face-smashing with (as he himself describes her) "girls-gone-wild..." Well, tht to me is kinda like a "fuck you" to everyone who was OK with the whole marriage but i giving OMD a decent shot.

    Its like your parents getting divorced, which sucks SUPER BAD, but you try and accept it, and then the next day having your dad come home with his new 18 year old girlfriend and having sloppy make-outs. for a guy who generally doesn't make moral judgments, it all seems distasteful.

    maybe i'm just getting old.

    also, as a 22 year old living with an elderly relative in NYC, and working for an abusive boss who pays less than minimum wage, the whole "mystique" and "appeal" is lost on me. relatable is way overrated when the things you're supposed to "relate to" suck.

    On the other hand, "d00D if spidey cans mack on teh hott chix, THEN SO CANS I!11! TOTALLY RELATABLE!!!1!"