Monday, January 07, 2008

Occasional Links -- The Rubber Wolverine Claws Edition

Costumed Spider-Men and
Hulks Seeking New Employment

Universal’s contract with Marvel expired at the end of 2007, meaning the superhero characters will no longer pose for photos with visitors or appear on T-shirts and other souvenirs sold inside the movie theme park. In recent months, Universal added Simpsons and Scooby-Doo walk-around characters in anticipation of Spidey’s ignoble departure.
Where will the new crop of fake plush Hulk muscles and rubber Wolverine claws congregate with the Universal theme parks out of the picture?

I remember getting "Wolverine's" autograph at the comic book store when I was 16. It was teh awesome. He signed it, "Thanks! Wolverine"

"Stupid Comic Book Movie Tricks" lists their eight "cringe-worthy" comic book movie moments...

Of note is "I'm The Juggernaut, Bitch" and "Mr. Fantastic Gets Jiggy With It."

But #1?

Says writer Adam Quigley about "Batman & Robin,"

"It's like a virus of awfulness, in which one ridiculous element leads to the next."


Quik Linx

"Great Sun of Krypton, WHY?"

Nothing says "I love you" like a 8-foot-tall, 40-pound teddy bear.

Comic-By-Comic shows some highly unofficial Ed Benes "Spider-Man" art (NSFW)

Comic Mix's Michael Davis lists all the reasons he's not a conservative. Reason #4? "I Like Sex."

John Byrne might have a new original series coming out from IDW...but he's being coy about it.

Is the TV theme song as we know it dead?

"My hunch is that modern TV producers fear flip-happy viewers will take any excuse to surf away from a show and sample other channels. Eliminating the theme song is just another way to deal with the multitude of channels and remote control technology offered today's consumer, locking them into an unfolding show before they even realize it has begun."

My fave theme songs:

10. "Patty Duke Show" -- They're cousins...identical cousins... (or maybe just a split personality).

9. "Chico and the Man" -- I don't even remember the lyrics, but I think it was about that old dude and how he don't understand.

8. "The Fall Guy" -- How can you not love Lee Majors singing Country?

7. "Family Guy" -- Sha-la-la-la...

6. "Different Strokes" -- I defy you to listen to this song and not be happy.

5. "George of the Jungle" -- He never did watch out for that tree.

4. "Silver Spoons" -- Sometimes when there is a pregnant pause in conversation with my BF, I will say "well, here we are," and he'll respond, "face-to-face, a couple of..."

3. "The Addams Family" -- Neat. Sweet. Petite.

2. "Batman" -- Minimalist lyrics.

1. "Mr. Belvedere" --


  1. Rarely does a conversation with anybody go by that I don't quote at least one 80s TV show theme. I like to throw in My Two Dads whenever possible...

  2. Unfortunately, another reason for the decline of the theme song is that networks keep increasing the amount of time devoted to commercials. After a while, it was either cut another minute of story or cut the opening title sequence. I certainly miss them. They were an artform.

  3. Sadly Michael Davis has a couple of things wrong about his Conservatives (especially since he seems to feel that all Conservatives believe the same things).

    1. Well, yes we can regulate morality. We do it all the time. You know those laws that say people aren't allowed to kill anyone or steal anything? That's regulating morality. As for trying to regulate gay marriage, I agree and plenty of other Conservatives agree that it should be legal. However, if he really wants to get upset over separation of church and state, he should probably remember that there is no LAW for separation of church and state, simply a law saying that the government won't have an official religion nor will it favor one over the other. In practice that doesn't happen a lot of the time, but it should. Secondly I should point out that marriage traditionally has been a religious institution and therefore if he really wanted to keep things completely separate he should be working to erase marriage laws from the lawbooks.

    2. Most Conservatives tend to agree that there's still racism in the country. They just disagree that Affirmative Action is the solution to it. Howevere there are still plenty who think it is. I would hope he wouldn't make generalizations.

    3. While in theory letting other countries govern the way they want to is fine and dandy, in practice we have countries like Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and yes, Iraq and Afghanistan whose governments are or were ruled by tyrants who actively oppress citizens on the basis of race, religion, gender, and etc.

    4. Every Conservative I've met liked sex too, as far as I know.

  4. Lewis,

    Someone painting a political belief with a broad brush? The Hell you say! (I'm just teasing you, btw!)

    Anyway, the theme songs I sing the most are:

    5) My Three Sons - Why? I didn't even like the show *that* much!

    4) Today's Special - Guaranteed to make anyone who remembers it want to claw their ears off!

    3) K.I.D.S. Incorporated - Every single person I've ever sang this around has threatened me with death! lol

    2) Dobbie Gillis - Best sitcom ever!

    1) Dukes of Hazard - Sing this and the world sings with you!

  5. Lewis, don't tell Val, tell Mike!

  6. Bravo to you, Val, for Patti Duke and Chico and the Man! (I thought everyone but me had forgotten that show.) But I'm surprised to see you skipping over so many of the other great theme songs of the 70s -- the laid back Randy Newman-ness of Welcome Back, Kotter or the melancholy, slight country tinge of Alice.

    But above even those, think of the Black gospel music inspired themes of Good Times and The Jeffersons, which almost *leap* out of your television's speakers.

    Anyway (not that you should take this as seriously as I, surprisingly, am) I ask that you give another listen to the theme for the The Mary Tyler Moore Show. That's a great one, and who else can turn the world on with a smile?

  7. There are so many TV theme songs that I can still sing. I think my favorites are all from cartoons - the classic Spider-Man cartoon, of course, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - but there's a whole host of 80s and 90s sit coms stuck in my brain too. Oh, and Wonder Woman and The Greatest American Hero.

    When I was 15, I got Te Incredible Hulk's autograph. It was a small consolation for not getting Stan Lee's autograph, who was the reason I went to the convention in the first place, but it was fun. I also got my picture taken with the Hulk, and when the guy put his arm around my shoulder his big foam arms almost suffocated me.

  8. I SAW Batman and Robin when it came out, but completely forgot how awful it was.

    That video is great.


  9. wow. worst. movie. ever.

    that was seriously painful to get through the whole thing.

    although i did like the design on robin's costume (more like nightwing than robin).

    i would like to see a robin in batman 3 (nolan), but young and done well.

  10. CRAP now i will have the TMNT song in my head all day...GIMMIE A BREAK!

    also, i have been predicting robin in film three as well.

  11. Flashback: The first word I ever spoke as a child was "Batman." This was quickly followed by "na na na na na na na na...Batman"

    Flash Forward: I spent last summer working at DC Comics

    -Thank you Adam West and simple television theme songs.

    Great post. I've added your blog to my reader

  12. RE: highly unofficial Ed Benes "Spider-Man" art (NSFW)

    Dang From the description of the link, I was hoping to see some Spidey(or)Peter beefcake, not yet more MJ cheesecake...


    In response, here's a link to some unofficial Dick Grayson/Spider-Man art by George Perez, from a new blog discovery -- Shirtless-Superheroes@blogspot