Monday, January 14, 2008

Wonder Woman Wasn't The First Time Playboy Did This...

I found this image while following the (lengthy) discussion that followed The Beat's post on the Wonder Woman Playboy cover thing...

Misssssss Teschmacher!!!!

As a side note, when I was a kid I thought the actress Valerie Perrine, depicted above and who was in the first two Superman movies, was cool because...well, because I had her name. Somehow, my parents kept this particular publication from me, tho.


  1. Miss Teschmacher; one of the very few women to kiss Superman who didn't have the initials "LL"...

  2. Ayiyi, I'd forgotten how creepy her implants were.

  3. many light years ago I once blogged about how many actress who played comic characters have showed some skin in previous films, magazines, and such. my list became pretty damn big, and for awhile it made me think that some (not all, but some) of these castings were because the producers/directors remembered them from their nude contributions of their past. I could give you a Who's Who list, but I think that may be a bit too much.

  4. Who's Who...?
    DC doesn't still look those up - does it?

    Ah - different type of Who's Who - gotcha!

    That Playboy cover was, quite logically enough too, the first Playboy magazine teeny-tiny luminous me ever got his hands on! My parents sure could NOT hide this one from ME, nope! Retailers didn't hide these things too much either, back then...! Sure, I'd read comic-books first and it seemed to lead perfectly into reading THAT magazine right there (especially with the cover - wow! Super-implants from Krypton they must be, then!) HOWEVER I wasn't that into DC comics before this first Playboy issue... Only got into DC afterwards!

    There's a logic to all this, I am sure...