Friday, February 22, 2008

Occasional Links: The Pepsiwoman Edition

Hulk Smash Stupid List

SF Gate provides its list of the top eight comics to read before you die. World War Hulk not on list, list rendered immediately void.

"List hate Hulk hate list as well!"

Dave Grohl Hates The X-Men

Or, rather, the Foo Fighters are suing Marvel over the use of their songs on that X-Men animated trailer that was hitting the Internet (and since has been pulled from YouTube). (Via Blog @ Newsarama)

Microsoft Creates Line Of Lego-Sized Fun Superheroes Designed To Put A Human Face On A Corporate Giant. puts a smile to my face already!

Top Ten Lamest Superheroes of All Time

I can understand the inclusion of Arm Fall Off Boy in this list, but I have to take issue with the inclusion of Cypher from the New Mutants. Yeah he was a "little guy with no powers who was useless in battle." But he was really cute.

The Brothers Karamazov, Moby Dick, Infinite Crisis

Shawn O'Rourke at PopMatters painstakingly analyzes Infinite Crisis and Civil War and their "preludes, spin-offs, crossovers, and other extra works included in these massive storylines," and comes to this conclusion:

"The very nature of postmodern deconstruction, especially in literary theory, stems from the challenge of traditional methods and characteristics and their subsequent reinvention. DC and Marvel do this by challenging the very definition of their primary contribution to comics: the superhero. Where the superheroes of the Golden and Silver Age were moral icons whose existence was symbolic of higher principles beyond that of the average flawed human, the new breed of hero is subject to the same doubts, fears, and moralistic ambiguities that the average person is forced to confront."

You know who else did this in his comics?

(link found via Journalista)

VIDEO: Japanese TV Ad, "Pepsiwoman"


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  1. The Microsoft kid looks like a Lego version of Chris Eliopoulous's Franklin Richards.

  2. Well, that lamest superhero list has earned my undying enmity by not only putting Dogwelder and Brother Power on there, but then had the unmitigated gall to cite SUPER-HIP, The OFFICIAL MASCOT OF THE JOHNNY BACARDI SHOW, as well!

    That really honks my hooter.

  3. /negativity to pass the time

    I think Dave should admit that he's only doing it because he thinks the 'toon looks like yet another step backwards from all the good work done by the Dini/Timm animated DCU, and is yet another deliberate attempt to lower the bar for kids' animation so that TV companies can go back to brain-free ADHD-enabling toy advertisements like The Batman that can be written by accountants during their coffee break.

    Postmodern deconstructionism relies upon one element more than anything else - a central concept to deconstruct. Without a baseline of heroic ideals to start from, what exactly is being deconstructed in comics at this point?
    It's likely that the current generation of writers is simply aping what they read in comic books 10-20 years ago, rather than making insights of their own, hence the current omnipresence of 'events' in comics universes to disguise that nothing new is happening.

    I hope the Microsoft Lego kid comes with a Sony Playstation 3 that he can smash in a fit of alpha-male rage.

  4. Umm Where the Hell is Blankets?

  5. On the must read list, Bone should have been one volume edition. $40 bucks at the store or $27 on Amazon. And Sandman probably should be number 4: Season of Mists, since that seems to be "You don't know if you'd like the series? Start here." recommendation from the fans on Neil Gaiman's forum. The first is probably the worst as Neil tries to find the voice for series. Just in case anyone here hasn't already read everything on that list.

    Those figures don't look Lego compatible. Just like Microsoft, trying to get us to adopt their standards. *whistles innocently*

  6. Please tell me the displeasure at WORLD WAR HULK not being included in the list was just so you could use the Hulk pic? :)

  7. Pepsiwoman is very... bouncy.

  8. Cypher had the mutant ability to understand all languages, actually. Not much help in a fight, but very useful in social situations.