Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What if The Fantastic Four Movie Was Made in the 1960s?

There are moments in the day where a surreal e-mail like this is a welcome break from the world...

OS reader David Miller suggests the following cast for The Fantastic Four if it was made in the mid-1960s..

Russell Johnson as Reed Richards

Ernest Borgnine as Thing

Donnna Douglas (from the Beverly Hillbillies) as Sue Storm

Michael Landon as Johnny Storm

Ted Cassidy as Galactus

I would pay so much money to see this movie, it is not even funny. Just to see Lurch in the tall purple hat.


  1. Oh, that's sweet. 'specially Borgnine!

  2. Johnson, Borgnine, and Landon are brilliant picks. Not too sure about Douglas as Sue, though. She almost seems too soft (and, granted, some of that could be just the Ellie May character coming through). My pick would probably be Melody Patterson from F-Troop...she played Wrangler Jane and just gave off a vibe that could convey both warmth and a healthy dose of kick-assery.

    Ah, well--just give me Peter Lorre as the Mole Man, Maximilian Schell as Dr. Doom, and Richard Widmark as the Silver Surfer and I'll be happy.

  3. I've heard that Reed Richards' look and character really was based on Russell Johnson/The Professor...maybe it's just an urban legend. Kirby and Lee drew inspiration from all kinds of unlikely sources.

  4. I'm pretty sure that the Russel Johnson as Reed thing was originally an Alex Ross gag from "Marvels" and nothing to do with anything Kirby ever did.
    Also, I recently saw "Down With Love" the director of which, Peyton Reed, was at one point set to direct the FF movie. If the rumours that he was going to do it as a period piece were true, given what he showed he could do with a period piece in that era in "DWL", we missed out big time.

  5. Fred MacMurray as Reed
    Kim Novak as Sue
    Troy Donahue as Johnnie
    Keenan Wynn as Thing

    Directed by Robert Wise

    Shot in Super Panavision.

    RSE at the Cinerama Dome on Sunset.

  6. Directed by Robert Wise, certainly, and if so Russ Tamblyn as Johnny Storm.

    I don't have the link to hand, but I think Michael Chabon's website has his pitch for a period-set FF film, and it's awesome.

  7. Gig Young as Reed.

    Martha Hyer as Sue.

    Jim Hutton as Johnny.

    James Coburn as Ben.